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Default Enter Through The Image -The Ancient Image Language of Myth, Art and Dreams

Thought i would reccomend some L. Caruana to those interested in Mythology and how we find reoccurring visual themes and narratives across the various ages. Mythology alone s very interesting, but i find it more interesting that we find a finite number of stories repeated through the ages, which appear different from the surface, but are all essentially the same story, or at least part of the greater single story.


In 1945, on a hill overlooking the Nile, a Gnostic text was accidentally unearthed after having been buried for seventeen hundred years. Within its aged pages there appeared the mysterious fragment:

Taking this as his starting point, the noted Visionary artist L. Caruana guides his reader through a labyrinth of imagery, exposing the forgotten image-language at the root of all dreaming, art and mythmaking....

Drawing examples from a diversity of ancient cultures (Buddhism, Alchemy, Gnosticism) and from contemporary Visionary art (Dali, Fuchs, Johfra), many beautiful and intriguing symbols are illuminated with crystal clarity

Retracing the steps of 20th century mythmakers (Hesse, Kazantzakis) and scholars (Jung, Campbell, Eliade), Caruana opens our eyes to the ancient mythic patterns underlying our lives

As many fascinating dreams are offered and decyphered (Baudelaire, Descartes), a new key is given to us for the elucidation of dreams
By the end of this richly-illustrated study, we come to see how our own daily experiences are, in fact, heroic adventures culminating in rare moments of epiphany.

We discover that our own lives are nothing less than "a gradual unfolding of the sacred."


Some art from the writer;

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