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Default Energy work and state of being

Hello everyone!

I thought I would write something about how I understand how energy and state of being is related. Usually energy work might be considered to be something that you do with your state of being, meaning that the state you are in is not changed by the energy work you do (or the intention might not be focused there). I have found through my experience that you can apply what can be considered energy work on your state of being, and through this method create a new way to experience life and everything in it. For example you can use the idea of angelic energy to create a state of being, and an experience, closer resembling that of angels. This can however be challenging since many of the ideas that are held to be personal and intimately true for a being might be hard to let go of, before a appropriate state of mind that can deal with these things are created. For example I have used this method to create a state of mind and experience which allows for greater change in a smaller timespawn, what took me days for a year or two ago now might take an hour.

Since energy work can be applied to the state of mind and the fundamental experience of life, it is not a big step to understand that the experience and the state of mind actually is a energy pattern. Without these patterns, you have no experience. After this one might ask the question: what is then aware and conscious of the experience, if the experience is just a pattern? This realization opens up the experience for more freedom to change and choose which pattern of energy to operate from, and hence what kind of life to live. What if the physical experience is based in a energy pattern? What would happen if this pattern is changed?

I would like to hear if other people have some insight/perspective on this they wish to share. Reflection gives opportunity for greater understanding. There is of course more to write about this, or less to write about this, but I do not plan to write a wall to great this time. ^^

Hope you enjoy and share how you see this!
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