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Question Vampyres, Weres/Werewolves and Lycans/shape-shifters

This subject has always been of great interest to me. For those who don't know, there are people who claim to be "real" vampires, spelling it vampyre to distinguish the difference. They claim that their chi/prana is not sustained normally and they either feed off the prana of others (psi vampyres) or they drink small amounts of blood to obtain prana (saguine vampyres). It is also a lifestyle. They dress BDSM style, live in "nests," actually sleep in coffins during the day, and even obtain plastic surgeries to appear more like the beings they claim to be (filing of the teeth or permanent fang caps are glued on, there is also the bleaching of skin).

Weres, as they call themselves, claim to actually manifest physical changes during a full moon - others claim they have an episode, so to speak, where they become manic, out of control, howl like dogs, run on all fours, and even catch and eat raw meat. The physical changes that a small portion describe are the slanting of the ears (elf ears), enlargement of muscles, the canine teeth becoming sharp and longer, etc. In the sub-culture, if the person is involved, they live in packs, run by alphas, and plan their lives around the full moon. As with the vampyres, some choose to have plastic surgery to clip their ears, file teeth or have fang caps glued on, and wear colored contacts. Weres seem to be drawn to BDSM style clothing as well.

Lycans are the third group which claim to be either full, physical shape-shifters, or therians that become instinctual and mimic the behavior the animal they identify with.

I don't know what to believe about this stuff. There is a vampyre "codex" and a were "codex." The codexes are basically manuals written by seasoned vampyres and weres on how the lifestyle works, how to obtain blood safely, eat raw meat safely, drain others of prana through psychic practice, etc. It is basically the guidebook for these supposed therians. They do refer to themselves as therians. There is one man I know who is rather famous... He's called the wolf man. He lives a solitary life in the forest with a pack of wolves, barks and howls and can communicate with the dogs fluently. He shares in the kill eating raw meat, urinates on trees to mark territory, etc. From the many interviews I've seen of him, he is not crazy. He is just living so close to nature that he's, well, the wolf man. Native Americans documented individuals who chose similar lifestyles with wolves, bears and other wild animals. This seems like the closest to a true "were" or wolf-therian that I've ever encountered (not in person but through articles and TV shows). Not to discount anyone here who is a wolf-therian. This man made a conscious decision to abandon humanity and join the wolves. That doesn't mean that you have to do that to be wolf-therian. I am dolphin-therian but I don't choose to leave humanity and swim in the ocean forever feeding on raw fish. Not meant in a critical way. In fact, I envy people who can be that close to nature, but it's just not in my personal drive to do that for myself.

So what does everyone think of these vampyre and were folks? It seems to me that it's more of a lifestyle choice than an actual therianism. They claim to be therians, but therians are based off of real animals or elemental beings. Evidence of true vampires like Dracula, in my view, are just myth. Same with werewolves. Maybe I'm wrong though? That's why I wanted to throw this topic up for debate.

Opinions? (Note: If you are a vampyre or a were, I have no intention of insulting or discrediting you, but if so, please tell us about it so we can understand it better).
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