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Default Re: Vampyres, Weres/Werewolves and Lycans/shape-shifters

Originally Posted by Kokaba'al View Post

My experience of therians, (and to some extent, those who find affinity with vampirism,) is that most are intensely spiritual people, or at least deeply interested in psychology.

Most spent years attempting to understand and reconcile their animal side - it wasn't just a character they could put on when they felt like it. It was a deep and essential part of their life, soul and understanding. It gave them great reverence for nature and her creatures, driving many of them to seek careers where they could attend to nature and help the creatures of the earth.

It's unhealthy to lump people together without knowing more about what drives their spirits, you know...
Yeah, guess so. Interesting point of view.

So... maybe furries also are attempting to understand and reconcile their animal side? lol, ok I could not restist
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