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Default Re: If everything is always relative...

I think that at least in part given our recent conversations here, this post is aimed at me. There is one paragraph in particular which sticks out to me and I would like to address that mainly and then some of the other points perhaps.

Fera said.
"However I can't help but sense that underpinning the violent reactions people have to the very idea of "morality" or "decency"...lies something else. Is it a desire to reject anything conventional - a need to justify one's own Shadow-leanings.. oppositional/defiant disorder? I don't know. All I can say is that when I react to the idea that nothing is ever universally wrong, it's more often those undertones I'm picking up, than the words people use."
I can't help but sense.... It's more often those undertones I'm picking up than the words people use
Well this rings true. In several interactions we have had in recent times I have very much had the impression that you are replying to what you assume I mean or want to imply, rather than what I have actually said.
And that is the problem; because your assumptions about what I might be trying to say are totally and entirely wrong and false. What is worse is that the assumptions you are making are not based on evidence or any form of empathy or sixth sense; your assumptions are based on something much more primal: Prejudice.

You are prejudiced against anyone who self identifies as Left Hand Path because as you repeatedly say, you don't agree with that designation in the first place. And you see it, as you have said in the above post, as nothing more than an excuse to give in totally to the darker side of nature, to be totally selfish, hedonistic and cruel to the obliteration of all other considerations. At least this is the impression that you give.

And you are wrong. Totally 100% wrong.

What I find personally hurtful is the fact that you have known me for a number of years now and I have never said or done anything to deserve being thought of as a cruel or nasty person. In fact I have always tried to be kind and supportive to people here including yourself.

If your stance towards me is some kind of effort to persuade me to change my spiritual direction you are failing on every level largely because you constantly demonstrate your misunderstanding of what LHPs are about, because your prejudice blinds you to the reasoned arguments that people make.

So in that context a few quick comments on the wider points you made in your introductory post to this thread.

IF everything is relative it DOES NOT MEAN THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG. Nobody is saying that.
Moreover on a personal level, I have said to you many, many times that I am not so sure everything is relative and that there may be some actual moral absolutes. I'm just not sure how to define them. That was the philosophical question I was putting out in the other thread. It was not, as you implied, an excuse to say that ultimately everything is okay.

I was also brought up with a fairly strict moral code and an idea of what is right and wrong. I guess most of us here were. You don't have the monopoly on that.
But when discussing the finer points of what is right or wrong we will all have different opinions. So whereas I am sure nearly all people here would find the idea of torturing and killing animals every bit as evil as you do, we might disagree as to why those things happen. Moreover we might disagree with to what extent drugs should be legalised despite the fact that we are all basically good people. Even if there were/are moral absolutes there are always going to be grey areas and differences of interpretation. If some of us come to different conclusions than you it does not mean that we are corrupt, or morally or spiritually inferior to you which is what you seem(even in the above post) to be implying.

Finally I am sure that ALL of us here want to make a positive contribution to the world. Not just you. We are all trying to do so in different ways. I actually think we all deeply respect the work you do with animals. I used to respect other aspects of your spiritual work but I must admit the way you have talked down to me and others over the last year has made me question that respect.

If we didn't value spiritual progression I doubt if any of us would post here at all.

You wanted to frame the discussion in this thread in a particular way that only reflected your prejudices.
Even IF everything were relative there are plenty of ways to know what is right or wrong and the differing opinions that are expressed in this thread and throughout this intelligent and widely eclectic community are proof of that.
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