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Default Re: Resource material for Hekate / Hecate study / research

Petrus you might like the two Jade Sol Luna books as he does tie a lot of Eastern thoughts into his practice. At times seemingly going from talking about Hekate to talking about Kali.

In general though I do agree they seem to be very similar in many things. Though Kali always gets me with her dark cavern, blazing eyes and shinning teeth as she smiles at you in the darkness. It's always womb like in feel yet you know its not a hole in the ground, a place in some dark void or anything that should remind you of a womb. At times I'd swear it's actually a place inside her own head which sort of reminds me of the Athena birthing story of being born from Zeus' head.

Of course that's how she reveals herself to me can't say for others.
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