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Default Re: What's your 2018 Garden Like?

I finally was able to finish cleaning up the front Gard and replace all the mulch, the lilacs bloom was short, it seems. I have this sense perhaps I should move them to the back but I'm afraid of digging them up will kill them.

I'm about the start the horror that is my back yard, currently, 4 foot weeds. It's my project for this summer. But, there is 3 nice hydrangeas back there on the side which was done a number of years ago with stone, andI spotted a handful of climbing red roses we didn't know were there (because they never bloomed...) and I see piles of red roses. So, there hope in amongst the huge weed problem. I'll start with whacking it all down, placing fabric over after a good soaking with vinegar to start I guess, and spreading the digging it up over a few weeks not to kill my shoulders. Its really only a 25' by 15' section, not huge, but it all has to be dug up.
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