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Default Re: Rant About The Republican Party

Originally Posted by MonSno_LeeDra View Post
Get the story correct BMH. I said making Ariel The Mermaid Black was wrong. She's an established character from Northern Europe and literature that has always been white and red headed. I suggested they use an established black character that was already a mermaid, Yemaya (actually from the Caribbean for the most part, Santerian goddess focused) or I think perhaps Mami Wata (African in origin).

You'd rather black wash than introduce legitimate black mythology/history into people's lives then scream racism. That's your MO. If it's not racism then it's pity me I'm disabled when it suits you. Racism or disabled that's all you've ever got.

Of course, there is the other possibility you don't know any real black history/mythology yourself. Thus easier to black wash things vice learning about it. Yeah, I went there!
Blackwashing what exactly? How is this consider blackwashing? Disney can do whatever they want with their character. You don't understand anything when it comes to diversity and culture. That's what I got a vibe from you.

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