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Default Re: Recipes for Elixirs?

Originally Posted by feranaja View Post
The first distinction to make is, male or female?

Guido Mase has some ideas here:

Generally speaking when I work with a case of low libido I take a history as always and figure out what the root cause is, physical, emotional or spiritual (or all of the above). The classic herbal approach is to use an appropriate adaptogen for stress related issues, with a circulatory stimulant if called for - for several weeks to see if general improvement occurs. Herbs to work into an actual elixir might include shatavari, damiana, maca (although maca really does help more on a longterm basis) and tribulus...depends on the person/cause. Poor nutrition, stress, anxiety - so many factors can play a role so before I go stimulating anyone's libido I start working with the underlying cause.
Now if everything is normal and you simply want to add a little spark, herbalist Asia Suler has some lovely ideas here, including an elixir, but other yummies as well:

A few ideas to get you started?
Thank you so much for coming through for me fera! It's for a female- Ever since my diagnosis of adrenal failure my libido seems shot. Well actually before the diagnosis bc it's one of the major symptoms other than the drastic change in body temperature, intolerance to the cold, and extreme fatigue/sleepiness all the time, that caused me to seek out the endocrinologist. It's just the one that's the most recent of the lot and one in which I've NEVER experienced problems before in my life. Except maybe literally after having my daughter...naturally.

Let's see how do I word this...Once I'm in the act, I'm totally fine- physiologically, psychologically, the whole nine. It's the actual desire to want to that dropped. It was sudden and drastic. This is despite an actual increase in free level testosterone compared to the average woman. Not super high, but above the norm. However, that very well may just be MY "norm". It would make sense based on certain things- the ability to put on lean muscle mass faster, a more angular jaw, a deeper voice for a female (not super deep, but deep enough), and in the not so distant past- a higher than "average" sex drive for a female my entire life. That's the only thing that's changed (libido) even though the other stuff is the same w/regards to higher free level testosterone.

I also did want some basic ideas for stimulating the libido per the second link you gave, so thank you for that as well!
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