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Originally Posted by Bartmanhomer View Post
It's sounds like you've a positive and negative experience with atheist at the same time Petrus.
That's true. There are decent Atheists out there, Bartman; but as with all human groups, they seem to be a minority. The Dawkins Collective is to Aquarius as Catholicism was to Pisces. Non-Pauline Christianity is the legitimate form of that religion; Catholicism was the Illuminati hijacking of it. Non-Dawkins pantheism is the legitimate form of Aquarian spirituality; Dawkins class Atheism is the Illuminati hijacking of it.

Spirituality assumes a different form or current within each astrological great Age. The cabal use the Hegelian dialectic; the minority follow the thesis, or the legitimate form, while the majority follow the antithesis, or the false form.

Catholicism was likewise a Piscean disguise for the Illuminati's initiative towards world government, which really began with the Roman Empire in Aries. The United Nations is the Aquarian disguise for it; and the UN allows the cabal to move substantially closer to what they really want, than either the Vatican or the Roman Empire did.
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