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Default Re: Why we decorate eggs at easter.

Originally Posted by TheThing View Post
I decorate a few eggs every year.

I'm not sure if they're any good though.

I'll put them in the 18+ tags, as I'm a little embarrassed for anyone to see them.
WARNING: Adult Content

WARNING: Adult Content
Actually these are way beyond my abilities. These incredible egg shell sculptures are carved by Chinese artist Wen Fuliang.

I haven't actually done the Easter egg thing since I was a kid.
lol, you almost had me there, I was going for almost a whole minute. haha.


I might actually do some decorating, we always have eggs at home were I will be spending the Easter holiday, and we will have my brothers kids over for Easter. So that combination might lead to some egg painting, I like the whole symbolic idea of eggs and Easter/Ostara.
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