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Default Terms of Service

~ Updated 01/20/09 ~

Disclaimer, Site Usage

The website, products and services of EarthSong Forums are provided “as is” and access is considered privileged.

These forums are publicly available and individual posts are not moderated on a live basis. Thus, you acknowledge that although the staff will attempt to remove or alter all objectionable material, some material may go unnoticed (see Content Reporting).

EarthSong Forums cannot be held responsible for the content contained within the forums and the opinions expressed within do not reflect those of the moderators, administrators or webmaster, unless expressed explicitly.

You agree that no legal action, whether past, present or future, will be taken against EarthSong Forums in regards to your experiences with the site or it's members.

Membership may be revoked, limited, demoted or edited in any other way at the discretion of the EarthSong Forums staff.

By registering with and utilizing these forums, you agree to all the terms, rules and conditions outlined in this thread.

Multiple Accounts:

Registering and using multiple accounts is strictly prohibited and accounts suspected of such activity may be put in limbo while investigated. Members found guilty of using more than one will be banned.

Staff members are also subject to this rule, with the exception of site developers whom are allowed one test account. These test accounts will never be utilized publicly, as to avoid confusion.

Spam & Nonsense Posts:

Spamming of any kind is absolutely prohibited and punishable by instant ban.

Nonsense posts are discouraged. However we take into consideration that off topic conversations do happen, so punishment (if at all) will be weighed against the parent thread's category, topic, seriousness and other variables.

Please strive to make your posts pertinent and try to keep overly-OT conversations in the Off-Topic section.


User avatars are to be tasteful and generally unoffensive. This includes ones that contain obscene nudity or negative stereotypical depictions.

Reputation Rules:

Reputation is to be used frugally, to commend people for their contributions.

Rep spamming, begging or otherwise giving reputation points grossly will not be tolerated. Depending on the severity, doing so may earn you an infraction, or worse.

Spell and Mentor Begging:

Blatant spell begging is to be done in the Spell Begging forums only. Doing so elsewhere will get you a warning. Repeat offenders will receive infractions.

Mentor begging is prohibited anywhere in the public forums. If you are looking for a teacher, make some connections first and then perhaps inquire with the individuals in private. Keep in mind that spam and harassment rules still apply to private messages, so watch your approach as you may get reported if you aren't courteous.

Adult Content and Forums:

Quoted from the Adult forums rules thread,

Originally Posted by Rend Sever
First of all, this (the adult forums) is not a hook-up lounge. This forum has been created to house adult discussions and topics, all private matters and interactions are to be kept private.

The forum is age restricted, 18+ only. Some countries may consider adult material legally accessible to ages younger than this, but since our host server is based in the US we abide by their rules.

No lewd conduct will be tolerated. If this is to be an adult forum, we are expected to act like adults.

[adult] BB codes are still required here for applicable images and movies. Learn more about them here.

Any adult-oriented threads and posts made outside of these forums will be deleted and the poster will be subject to infraction.

Discipline Guidelines:

This is a list of situational offenses and the amount of infraction points they are punishable by. They are indeed vague, so always govern your behavior wisely.

Harassment: 3, 5, or 10 pt.
Mentor begging: 2 pt.
Spell begging (improperly): 2 pt.
Derogatory posts: 3 pt.
Spamming: Ban
Charging for Services: 10 pt.
Trolling, Stalking: 5 pt.
Illegal content: 10 pt. or Ban
Reputation abuse: 3 pt.
Nonsense posts: 2 pt.
Adult content violations: 2 pt.

Every 10 infraction points, auto-disciplinary actions are taken by our system.

Points: 1 month mute
20 Points: 1 year mute
30 Points: permanent ban

No member is exempt from disciplinary punishment, nor the set situational point values. Points are permanent, they do not expire.

It is your duty as a member to check this listing often for updates and amendments.
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