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In my mind, Atheism comes in two varieties. One, the old kind, was a private, individual thing, and was held by people who, because of lack of mystical experience or whatever reason, simply didn't think that God existed.

The latter variety is a form of deeply insidious fundamentalism. I refer to adherents of this as the Dawkins Collective. This is a belief system with a lot of extremely negative characteristics.

a} It discourages people from thinking for themselves, by attempting to mandate that only those with credentials from academia are permitted to think critically about anything; the rest of us are meant to unquestioningly accept their word for everything. It similarly uses ideas like the "reputable source" fallacy as a means of discouraging people from investigating ideas which might be detrimental to mainstream thinking.

b} It promotes a view of reality which I regard as deliberately false, malevolent, and disempowering. Said view incorporates Cartesian materialism, and the idea that the current period represents the first time that humanity has ever had the current level of technological advancement, with a linear view of time that is reinforced by Darwinian evolutionary theory. This is in opposition with the Hermetic and Hindu view which states that time is cyclic, and that advanced technology has previously been obtained and possessed by earlier civilisations.

c} It is intent on actively destroying other religions and philosophies, and establishing itself as the only ideology which exists on Earth. It attempts to gain credibility for this, by claiming that it is the only ideology which is reflective of reality. Its' adherents are hellbent on forcing Darwinism down the throats of every man, woman, and child in existence. Dawkins class Atheists want planetary monoculture to exactly the same degree as fundamentalist Islam; their only real difference is how they go about it. Claims of endorsing plurality are used merely as a recruiting tool; to entice new footsoldiers into the army. Said claims are completely dishonest, however.

d} Because of the academic appeal to authority fallacy described above, it is opposed to genuine empiricism. Amateurism is condemned, and laypeople are not intended to conduct their own experiments or research, but instead to rely exclusively on the words of "authorities," or "experts." This is a direct subversion of the fundamental point of real science.

e} It is non-objective, in the sense that it encourages the emotive worship of a pantheon of heroes; mainly including Dawkins, Darwin, and the scientific popularist Carl Sagan. Adherents will generally falsely deny this when confronted about it. As a corrolary of this, it also promotes positive emotional (i.e., non-rational) bias towards a highly distorted misconception of science itself; which includes the assumption that any institutionally performed research is somehow sacrosanct, and that the corruption of scientists is somehow impossible.

f} It has allied itself with Utopian, Frankfurt school cultural Marxism and the political/economic Left; and Darwinism and the linear, single timeline view of history are used as a means of reinforcing and justifying progressivism. This, in turn, promotes the concept of oppressive tolerance, and conditions all those who are exposed to it, to become emotionally and psychologically incapable of tolerating being disagreed with. To an extent I have become contaminated with this sort of ironclad mental rigidity myself, as a result of my exposure to Reddit.

In short, I consider the older form of Atheism to be genuine, and the newer form of be a sick, twisted caracature of the old. It claims to be adamantly promotional of science, when in reality it is anti-scientific.
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