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I'm a Pisces regardless of which system your looking at. With heavy water planets and signs all through out my charts and life for that matter. Figure I was in the Navy for 23 years, my primary element is water, my primary planet is Neptune and my primary place of solace is the water whether it be in the rain, mist, clouds, rivers, lakes, oceans or sea. If I recall Saturn is my rising sign and has a strong pull and influence upon how I do things.

Regarding questions, please feel free to ask away. Be fore warned I may get technical or long winded but will always answer to the best of my ability.

Pathwise I am shamanic with a heavy recon Hellene influence / Green witchcraft. Blood bound and oath sworn to Hekate / Artemis which leads me to Diana, Bastet, Pahket, Mafdet, Enodia, Bendis in that I honestly can't tell you if I am know to them as individual goddesses or know Hekate & Artemis better due to the conflating that occurred with each of them.

God wise would be Poseidon, Sekor and one I simply call the Huntsman as he has never revealed his name though his persona suggests many possibilities.
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