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Default Re: Folk and Mummers' Plays

Thanks for the post! Very informative and really fascinating stuff!

I am always interested in traditional theatrical forms...and have spent many years cross referencing and performing vaudeville, commedia, Pantomime, folk plays and stories.

Currently I am performing a couple of Punch and Judy shows (both traditional and "politically correct" versions!)

But as an American, it seems that we don't have too many resources for these types of things...or even cultural touchstones. I would hope that some of what i do is Universal entertainment, but increasingly, it seems like my audiences have to be well versed in historical or traditional theater to even "get it".

I found it very fascinating that you do the Mummers play in Blackface, as that was a an old vaudeville form in the states in the early 20th century before it was shunned for being racist. I have tons of documentation in the states about this, but it's interesting to get a UK perspective!
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