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Default Re: Blood Magick - Various Methods Of Using Blood In Practice

Originally Posted by MonSno_LeeDra View Post
So the question then becomes one of did you blood your statue or did you enshrine it and bring it to life? What I know to have happened to them suggests you enshrined them then didn't carry through with Kali breaking them to let you know she was displeased but not upset nor demanding restitution at this point in time.
I admit it; I've never actually done a full murti (statue; or more imbued statue, in that sense) activation ritual before. I had a writeup of one once; it's a very involved procedure. It actually doesn't involve blood, though. None of Ma's modern ritual actually does involve blood; the Kalika Purana is the only one of her scriptures which mentions it, although the Devi Mahatmaya makes a brief mention of it as well.
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