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Default Re: The Hesychastic tradition and the use of (dark) Fury

Originally Posted by mr cheese View Post
Anger...perhaps one of the greatest obastacles a seeker must overcome. Anger can of course be righteous, yes... when we see an injustice..or somethign simply wrong.... (although right and wrong can be tricky also). Righteous anger can guide us and help us to understand...for example: animal cruelty...

However I would tend to agree with the Buddhists, one should remain calm at all times...
I'd agree with a still, detached centre which you do everything you can to prevent emotions penetrating to. The control hub if you like. But, from there, the palette of emotions can be applied and experienced... or simply felt even.

The use of anger is entirely different from being controlled by anger, being moved by it.

It is a tricky distinction, yes, especially if you are engaging in action at the same time as being furious, or angry. The key difference is that you decide what action to take, calmly and rationally, from the still, detached, meditative and contemplative centre.

As for discerning what is right and what is wrong I agree that this is the most difficult thing to decide in many if not most instances. Ethics is the hardest part of philosophy, life, rulership and any other science imo...

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