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Default Re: The Hesychastic tradition and the use of (dark) Fury

I learned to be very still when sitting among top predators,which can produce great clarity of thought so anything is possible.

I had never previously heard of the Hesychast monk on Mount Athos,are they or is the order associated with a *colour*(such as black or Grey ? or another? )

I love the roots of Orthadoxy & you are doing a great thing by pulling the fragmented pieces back together after over a millenia of persecution as they fractured.

I know that the Greek Islands & otherplaces have monasteries built in divine proportion whose SOLE purpose is to confer one degree,can you tell us more of Mount Athos?

Emperor Napolean was a big fan of a Scottish Order known as *the Cluney or Cluny*,they were black monks/a black order,for instance.

I will absorb a lot of energy from the OP.
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