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Default Re: The Hesychastic tradition and the use of (dark) Fury

"Then, instead of being caught somewhere along the circle like an animal in a cage, we stop being a victim of reality and become the cage". (Kingsley, 2003, p185)
In other words, life on Earth is conditioned and unfree - at least partly because humanity must evolve their consciousness according to specific symbolic combinations through the progress of time.

However, this is not just imposed on humanity. Rather, some humans do participate in the interpretation given to events and so the harmonic calibration according to which their expression and subsequent resolutions coalesce into material reality. This, in turn, is the value and power of Truth: for example, what is happiness, or freedom, or success? What is suffering? What is health? How is it produced? Or, to return to this thread's title, what is sakki and how is it targeted on a group level?

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