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Originally Posted by MonSno_LeeDra View Post
I'm going to contradict Fethenwen here a bit. Not all paths have the notion of guides, totems, etc. In fact if you go back to many books written in the 80's and 90's you will not even find the notion of guides within the framework of Wicca or Witchcraft. They didn't exist and were not part of the structure of those pathways. About the only thing you'd be likely to find was possibly the idea of a familiar. Then a familiar was nothing like what you'll find today where everyone seems to use their favorite pet, but was actually a demonic entity, usually an Imp.

The usage of guides really became incorporated in many pathway's in the late 1990's and early 2000's with the incorporation of shamanic influences. They came in along with the notion of "Totems" and to be honest suddenly everyone simply had to have one or more. About the same time the idea of "Animals" also became part of the lexicon and everyone suddenly had a Spirit Animal or Power Animal. Unfortunately, much of that seemed to have occurred at about the same time that many authors started to incorporate this idea of a Pantheon of Native American influences. Completely ignoring there is no such thing as a Pantheon of Native American Divinities.

Around this same time frame you also start to see a lot of inclusions of African Disapora influences. That would be your Santeria, VooDoo, Hoodoo, Brujo, Bruja, inclusion of the LOA and other spirits. There had been some local influences but nothing like you start seeing in books and such in the late 90's and 2000's and forward.
Have to get back to this idea of spirit guides, as I believe - as not sure - but still - that most cultures around the globe have at some point before organized religion had some kind of idea of protective spirits that are unique to each individual or family or tribe. Not just animal spirits, but also ancestors, angels, nature spirits, etc. Even in my ancestry there was an idea of protective spirits, spirits that protected the house, children, even your stove and your own protector that was deeply connected to nature - called often "your nature". This could have been an animal spirit, often a bear, which was also worshipped in many parts of the country.
Yes, perhaps spirit guides were not an important part in the wicca tradition until later on, but I would not ignore this concept just because they were not mentioned in books before 80's 90's.
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