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Talking Pisces Potions

Blending potions is a personal passion of mine, for which I gladly blame Laurie Cabot! A while back, I realized that I never jived with any published formulas for "Pisces Oil"--as I am a Pisces--since the formulas seemed to lack much introspection for those of us who live under this hallowed sign. There was also something somewhat "generic" about these formulas, too. Worse, still, was that most of the essential oil-yielding plants are not governed by my native sign; so, I had to get a bit creative and figure out what aromas would fragrantly conjure the mental and spiritual imagery of my natal sign.

So, I began thinking about what scents would light my Piscean fire! I had become obsessed by the musks used in Satyr Oil--musk, civet, and ambergris!--so, I chose ambergris to start since it recalls the depths of the ocean and sensuality. (We Pisces are deep-feeling folks!) I then chose clary sage oil, which expands one's consciousness and heightens intuition/ psychic faculties (it is also "ruled" by the Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune). But, I wanted something else. I know that I didn't want myrrh, since Pisces can live in prisons of our own designs and addictions; narcissus was also out since it implies a sense of being held in captivity or restrained by our senses in one sense or another. However, because Pisces are always living in the past--like we belong to two different worlds--and live in our heads, I chose an extremely potent wisteria oil, since one whiff of it conjured an "old fashioned" sensation...a feeling of being in the past, yet one of refinement. I may add a drop of two of labdanum oil to it, but I haven't decided, yet since I've never worked with labdanum oil.

I personally believe that each Witch should design his or her own utterly unique Zodiac Oil as a personal "perfume" so that the gods and other spirits can recognize you by that scent. Therefore, I always make sure to wear this blend during each and every Esbat ritual when worshipping the gods that I do.

Has anyone else developed a unique Pisces Oil, or some other Zodiac Oil that they would like to share? I always love drawing inspiration from others' formulas.
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