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Default Re: All Aces In One Spread

What's a Cody Blake general reading? (Is it a spread designed by someone called Cody Blake, or a spread for someone called Cody Blake? Should I have heard of Cody Blake?)

Aces of cups and coins I consider high, of swords and batons low -- so we go (in the spread) from high to ending on a low, an outcome not coming up to expectations. The ace of cups reversed with the moon makes me think of a spill (of something). If there is any sort of battle ahead, the ace of swords promises some success, victory in such a scenario, but one that is lessened for some reason (reversed*), or marred by disappointment, something that may be regarded as a win, but without much in the way of reward or recognition (a win by default, rather than achievement; a placement undeserved or one in which more is lost than gained).


* I don't tend to use reversals myself -- I have considered it here as you have specified it. When I have used reversals, if I got a spread like this one in which all the cards are reversed but one, I would general consider reading the odd one out as reversed and the others as upright.
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