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Originally Posted by DrumWolf View Post
Anyone got any recommendations for pagan / magic / Old Ways-themed novels?

Here are two series of novels that I've found interesting:

The Stonewylde series by Kit Berry

The stories centre around a community living in modern-day rural Dorset but who follow Wiccan principles, so lots of festival celebrations, moon magic, herbalism. This is the first one:

The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series by Michelle Paver.

A series of stories following a young Paleolithic boy in Europe just after the Ice Age. Lots of stuff on bushcraft, survival, ancient gods and goddesses, shamans and shape-shifting woven into the stories. They're written primarily for 12-15 year olds , but I love them (and I'm 50!).

Here's the first one:

Anyone got any others? (of course, fera's novel will be recommended on this thread in the near future )
Would those are great Pagan novels. I might be thinking of reading one of those pagan novels someday.
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