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Default Re: Resource material for Hekate / Hecate study / research

I am not sworn to Hecate, but I've had a certain amount of contact; not necessarily a large amount. She has helped me out a few times, and I did the deipnon for a few months as a means of saying thank you. I have some idea of a few of her correspondences, (she's very similar to Kali in many respects, although she tends to do things in substantially different ways) but I don't claim to know much about her at all. I do, however, give her credit for the inspiration for my recent herbalism/cooking recipes.

I see Kali and Hecate as sisters, and/or kindred spirits generally. The two Goddesses have a very large amount in common with each other. As such, for me at least, worship of one means receiving the attention of the other. That has its' pros and cons. In spiritual terms, I view Kali as my Mother, and Hecate as a maternal aunt. She does not have the same level of authority for me that Kali does, and there tends to be a lot more argument and distrust from me with her than with Kali; but occasionally she shows up. Almost all of my Gods have strong Binah correspondences; it's something I've had to learn to live with.

Hecate is...awkward, truthfully. She is actually a lot kinder than most people seem to think; and for some reason she seems to want to maintain a reputation for being more fearsome than she really is, at least in my experience. At the same time, while I'm ashamed to admit it, the main reason why I stopped doing the deipnon is because I am simply unable to tolerate her energy on a regular basis. It is essentially like rock; very, very dense.

She has perhaps the single most profound sense of justice in particular, of any deity I've encountered; and that alone is probably still the sole reason why I am inclined to trust her. She is essentially the Law of Correspondence (sympathetic resonance) personified, as I see it; although she is capable of doing the most horrific things to people, she absolutely will not unless the person in question genuinely deserves it. She has the most exquisite sense of proportion.

When dealing with her, you do need to tread lightly, although not as lightly as some people would have you think. If she was truly intolerant of plain speech, I would be a pile of smouldering ash at this point, considering some of the back talk that I have occasionally given her. She expects politeness, but she's one of the most pragmatic Gods around in my experience, as well; and given the amount of bullshit you have to deal with from some spirits, that can be extremely refreshing.

The only problem that I have with her is that as mentioned, I really do not like her energy very much at all. I've tried hard to overcome that, but I've never quite been able to do it. Said energy is somewhat dark, and simply very very dense and hard; impenetrable, is the word I would use.

I see her as someone who deserves a lot of respect and reverence (even love, although I've at times questioned whether or not she actually wants love) for who she is; but at the same time, she isn't necessarily someone who most of us are going to want in close proximity most of the time, either. She suffers from a very bad reputation; but like Agent Smith, (who also had Saturnine correspondence) she really isn't so terrible, once you get to know her.

They told me that you lied.
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