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Default Re: Smudging - cultural appropriation or no?

I think there's an important difference between show-offy, and appropriation. If one genuinely is a (Satanist, Native American, Druid etc) then it's entirely up to that person how discreet they want to be. One of the most knowledgable and accomplished Druids I know personally, just wears a small triskele, often under his shirt. But I do know some others, who are very ...obviously druids. How much one dresses the part, or doesn't, is really (IMO) about personal style, not appropriation, as long as they are really what they claim to be.

It's when people take the outer trappings of another culture and claim it, things get a bit weird.

I have some really good articles on this somewhere, I'll try to find. I guess the NA issue bugs me more than the rest because, here we have a living tradition, a culture that has been almost destroyed by imperialism, and to add insult to injury, now we're all decked out in dreamcatchers etc. Just more shit we're stealing.If someone wants to pretend to be Druid, or Wiccan - I used to hang out with someone who wore a visible pentagram and tried to pose as a Witch without knowing the very core basics of Craft - well that's annoying. But, co-opting spiritual practises from a culture we obliterated strikes me as, well, kind of despicable.

Is that making sense?
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