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Default Re: Fairies and newborn babies

Originally Posted by MonSno_LeeDra View Post
I've heard that but I've also heard that children also see our ancestors who watch over family lines. As such it means they see the "dead" often as bright spots or actual people who will often interact with them. Like the fae, because we don't see the ancestors for the most part, they have that surreal influence upon them. Almost a trickster type influence because they see them and we for the most part don't.

Unfortunately, there is the idea that they may also see other dead spirits that also walk. That is where the idea of "Invisible Friends" often comes into play from. However, it's also where the idea of some night terror's also come into play from. So those type of "dead" spirits lay on both sides of the spectrum as to whether they can cause laughter or terror to children. Though it seems as if child spirits seem often to be playful while adult's seem to either fall into the protector role or terror role more often.
Oh yeah that reminds me! My cousin said that her two year old says there is a lady in their house (they live in an old house). She finds it a bit disturbing, especially the first time "the old lady" was mentioned. One day she asked her daughter if she can count all who is living in her house. So she mentioned her mom, dad, their two dogs and "the old lady". Did not get much clarification on who she meant by "the old lady", just that there's an old lady too.
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