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Default Re: Fairies and newborn babies

Originally Posted by Fethenwen View Post
Thanks! I did not know you have kids. How lovely I guess also some children are more sensitive than others to seeing them.
That's an interesting question. Are more children more sensitive than others, or do some adults and parents simply notice it more in their children? I've seen adults and parents who wouldn't notice anything their children did as unusual. Whether it was because they truly didn't pay close attention to their child or couldn't accept the possibility themselves of something "Unusual" being there. Yet other's who noticed anytime their children might pause to stare off into space for even a few moment. Much less speak to something or someone who wasn't there for them to see.

All of that heavily influenced by the age of the child and / or children and how they responded to it. Settling upon any alternative from something medically wrong to imagination of the child in question. That is again presuming they actually notice themselves or it is noticed by another adult or even another child.
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