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Default Re: Odd Insights into the goddess Diana

Here's a bit more that goes with the Diana Nemorensis presence. These coin types represent a form of Diana Nemorensis That would have existed long before the triple formed version would come into existence. Typically these coins would be minted between 269 - 235 B.C.E. where the triple version would be minted around the 40-45 B.C.E. era. So your looking at roughly 200 years before. In most coin catalogs they are still listed as "Roma" vice Diana so there is still debate about that fact.

The Diana - Victory DIDRACHMS and the DECADRACHMS of ARSINOE
The silver didrachm, may be described as follows :
Obv. Bust of goddess (Diana), wearing Phrygian helmet with griffin
on the back. Behind head, varying symbol.
Rev . Victory standing r., holding in r. hand wreath as if about to
place it on palm, held upright on ground in 1. hand. Single or
double Greek letter. ROMANO.
Weight just under 6 scrup

Appendix I. - The types of the Diana didrachms
The goddess of the obverse cannot be Roma, as Haberlin and others have thought, for no goddess Roma was yet known. She is, however, an armed Amazon, and the armed Amazon type was one of those selected for Roma, when she finally came to be worshipped. In the Roman pantheon of the third century b.c. a number of Amazon god-desses are to be found - all of them, in essence, variants of one - the Diana who is warrior as well as huntress. Virtus, Bellona, Diana Nemorensis (of Aricia) - of Diana of the Aventine we are not yet sure - they differ in name and cult, but little in real nature. The peculiar form of the Phrygian helmet with the griffin climbing up it probably marks the goddess here as Diana of Aricia. The only helmet of this shape that seems to survive to-day was dredged up out of the Lake of Nemi. The evidence for the warrior Diana has been collected in Mattingly and Robinson, The Date of the Roman Denarius , Papers of the British Academy , [1933].
Harold Mattingly
The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Royal Numismatic Society, Sixth Series, Vol. 6, No. 1/2 (1946), pp. 63-67
Published by: Royal Numismatic Society
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Note: Images that have a write up this them, the write up is from the Coin site and contains general information about the coin itself. Images without write-ups are for other examples of the coins.

Didrachm, Neapolis (?) circa 265-242, AR 6.49 g. Head of Roma r., wearing Phrygian helmet; behind, sword in scabbard with belt. Rev. ROMANO Victory attaching wreath to palm branch; in r. field, II. Sydenham 21. Crawford 22/1. Historia Numorum Italy 295.

Anonymous AR Didrachm of the Roman Republic. Circa 280-276 BC. Head of Roma right in Phrygian helmet, cluster of grapes behind / ROMANO, Victory standing right, attaching wreath to a long palm, MM before. Crawford 22/1

Anonymous, Didrachm, Neapolis or Rome, 265-242 BC; AR (g 6,60; mm 20; h 4); Head of Roma r., wearing Phrygian helmet; behind, dog, Rv. Victory standing r., attaching wreath to palm-branch; before, Γ; behind, ROMANO

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