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My wife is a Scorpio. Sort of funny there.

The Morrigan (sp) aligns a lot with Hekate in many ways when you look to Celtic lore but that is not my forte so would have to leave that discussion to someone else. The Lady Sif and at times Frigg crosses or compares to some aspects that are shared between Hekate and Artemis.

I am curious if you don't mind but what aspect do you think about Hekate is pulling you or calling you? If I knew that might be able to give you some suggestions or maybe speak on it. You mention her torch but I wonder if you've pondered that? Figure most engravings show some capacity of the story of Persephone and being lead from Hades but it's also sort of screwed up. Hermes actually leads Persephone out of Hades, Hekate follows her and lights her pathway from behind by holding the torches above and from behind less she blind her and actually would darken her pathway and eventually lead to her loosing her way. So figure in truth Hekate pushes and guides by casting light from behind and above so she can see her pathway not by being in front and leading. Yet the actual choice of where to step and which trail to take is left up to the adept or acolyte as their trail is illuminated for them to walk upon. So Hekate shows the way but she doesn't make the choice or tell you which path to take. So all errors or mistakes are upon the seeker and their own choices and actions.

Very different from the imagery so many try to paint in the Persephone story where they attempt to show Hekate leading her into the upper world to an awaiting Demeter. Yet in the period pieces it shows Hermes stepping to the side, Demeter reaching down to embrace Persephone as she steps up and Hekate behind with her torches above and behind Persephone.

That to me is where will is an illusion and the crystals reveal things. Sort of like the illusion of control and the perception that we actually have control over events and what is transpiring. It's all a matter of perspective and position in reference to a point of observation.

I think for me that's why I prefer true crystals and clear ones at that. Light passes through and it is reflected, refracted or difracted. In that regard it's like energy or radio waves, they pass from one medium into another and change direction, polarity or even change charge. Not counting even bending around objects to leave empty voids as it splits or jumps depending upon angle and energy. An improper placed crystal on an altar can create a minor vortex or void simply by its placement on an altar due to its shape, color and energy flow within the area. Part of the Feng Shui principle at work and earth energies or ley lines for those who believe in that.
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