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Purposely left out the Wicca and Neo-Wicca stuff. Will say I find Neo-Wicca to be more feminist dominated than Male dominated. Though Reclaimist and Dianic Witchcraft tends to be really feminist.

British Traditional Wicca (BTW) or Traditional Wicca I find tends to be balanced between male and female with neither being more dominate. But I honestly do not see to much BTW or Traditional Wicca online or in the states to much anymore.

Most stuff today online and in the US seems to be Neo-Wicca and most of that is some version of self-initiated or self-dedicated solitary or a New Agey Neo-Wicca flavored practice based loosely on a coven / group model. Many built around a Greek / Roman / Celtic / Kemetic / Nordic divinity pantheon with a shake-n-bake structure.

So much stuff today is called Wicca though it's almost impossible to even call it Wicca and compare it to a Structured Wicca based off of any of the older Wiccan models.
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