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Default Re: Smudging - cultural appropriation or no?

I believe that sometime people go overboard, to extremes, in an emotional response to a situation - declaring yoga off-limits seems like one of those cases,to me. I'm just mellow enough these days to feel that making changes is good, intention is powerful, but going hogwild with extremes (and then lording it over anyone who doesn't agree) does more harm than good.

Like with acknowledging Native blood(I have some too, as you know, a great grandmother) is not only good but respectful - turning that into "Look at me, I'm NA, whoo hooo" is not. Neither you nor I would do that, but believe me - I've known a few. Working for the government, owning their own home, living the whole White Privilege dream, and dying hair jet black, wearing a medicine Wheel and saying one is NA.
Because of a distant relative.
I find that really wrong.
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