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Default Re: If everything is always relative...

I also understand the Law of no right or wrong, it is perception. ( this is my very watered down statement, I feel enough has been said about it in length).
I feel, like Fera that to hunt and kill quickly is the best way and to let something suffer on purpose is not the best way.
In my world it is wrong, I know it is never black or white, but to harm with intention is harmful to the person doing it as well as the intended victim, animal or human.
No one will ever change my mind...ever.

Molestation, is not black or white....too many things from past influences can either help someone or make things worse. I understand that as well.

It seems like everyone here is in agreement with most. Just maybe a slightly different understanding. Words are really imperfect.

And, don't we all judge on some level...I hate the fact that I do, but I am guilty.
~ One by one, we will step into the center of the circle. We will hear our names chanted, feel the cone rise around us. We will receive the gift, and remember: I am Goddess..
You are God, Goddess. All that lives, breathes, loves, sings in the unending harmony of being is divine.

~ The reason nothing can truly ever make sense is that it is all fluid. ~
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