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Default Astarian Affirmation

I am whole.
I am perfect.
I am filled with light.
The light fills every cell in my body.
The light surges into and through my blood, making it a foundation of light.
Bringing purity,vitality,youth,and beauty into my being.
I am in the infinite light and the infinite light is in me.
I am surrounded by the pure white light of the Goddess.
Only good can come to me, only good shall go from me.

I give thanks,
I give thanks,
I give thanks.
~ One by one, we will step into the center of the circle. We will hear our names chanted, feel the cone rise around us. We will receive the gift, and remember: I am Goddess..
You are God, Goddess. All that lives, breathes, loves, sings in the unending harmony of being is divine.

~ The reason nothing can truly ever make sense is that it is all fluid. ~
~ To manifest abundance, follow your hearts desire ~

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