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Default Have you ever activated a sleeper?

This could probably go under any number of headings but this seemed the most logical as it's a pagan / occult discussion but not path specific.


Have you ever activated a sleeper? Sounds like some sort of movie drama about awakening a sleeping person I suppose. Yet while the idea of waking up a sleeper in the sense of someone who is asleep that is not the focus I am pointing at.

So what is a sleeper? Well I think a sleeper can fall into two primary categories.

One category would be the sleeper that is something that is laid almost like a trap. It lies dormant until some barrier about it is brushed or tingled. Sort of like a spider that lies in wait and really does nothing until some unfortunate creature happens to become trapped in its web and the vibrations call it to action.

The other primary category I think is the sleeper that lays dormant but more so from a lack of energy. It runs and runs until its energy has dissipated then simply lays in sort of a stasis condition.

Yet this one I think falls into at least two minor subcategories. The sleeper that is sort of an egregore or construct and in that regard an intentional entity. Then there is the sleeper that is a by product of events, ceremonies, rituals, etc that take place and gains a form due to all the energy being released there. It's sort of an egregore or construct but is also probably an abomination in that it is not created with goals and focus but simply from energy being released over and over at a certain place.

The last I honestly do not know where to place it so it falls under category A or B or possibly both. That is the sleeper that is created immediately by the person entering an area that is highly charged and its almost parasitic in how it is made. It's like going to a site where rituals where done over and over and the lingering power is neutral until a person enters. Once there the energy becomes charged and acts upon whatever the person has in their mind.

Yet the fact it only exists while the person is within the confines of that charged area then dissipates once they leave it is what sets it apart. So while you are there it is awakened, active, maybe peaceful or dangerous. Yet once you leave it vanishes as the energy that created it returns to its neutral resting state until stimulated once again.

So have you ever activated a sleeper
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Default Re: Have you ever activated a sleeper?

this has nothing to do with the topic but; i literally just got done watching American Ultra which is a about a stoner kid being a sleeper agent in the CIA and him getting activated but not knowing how or why he can do all the things he can do, so i had a teeny bit of a heart attack when i saw your post tittle XD
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