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Default Two new series and my endless quest for recommendations

I just bought Season One, Midsomer Murders (I love British television) and gave in and bought American Gods. Mixed reviews on that last one, but I am only going to be able to watch Supernatural so many times and then...I need new things.

I bug SunSister about this all the time on FB and she never steers me wrong, just occasionally to things I can't access.
Now I'm bugging you.
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Default Re: Two new series and my endless quest for recommendations

I greatly enjoyed the Magicians. I have MANY thoughts about that I can message you if you want (no spoilers). I also loved Galavant.

The Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce is pretty good, as is Drop Dead Diva. I'm not too up to date on British shows unfortunately, I only have Hulu and Netflix.

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Default Re: Two new series and my endless quest for recommendations

There is only one answer: Black Sails. It's that rare, rare show that works from the moment you fall in to the moment it closes. It comes full circle in its narrative in an unbelievably beautiful fashion, has a vast array of characters to love and cherish and hate and rage at, has relationships that are complex and nuanced and whoa-whoa-whoa on the intricacy level, has action for days once it gets going, uses the entire first season as a set-up for the other three wild seasons, and will leave you wishing you could forget about it so you could watch it all over again the same way you did the first time you saw it. I wept when it was done. Ugly-cried through that final episode. Life-changing.

Aside from that.. I'm enjoying Person Of Interest, The 100, Banshee, The West Wing, and Westworld right now. I'm pretty sure you'd like The 100 and Person of Interest, fera -- Banshee is campy violent fun with excellent acting and great nuance -- not sure about the others?
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