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Default Making a runic talisman

I am going to borrow from Thorsson's Futhark and from Nigel Pennick for this description. I have some of my own methods but I will prefer to stick to the more conventional forms.

Firstly, you will need to set up sacred space, cast a circle or set wards - Just a good general practice. I will give one method given by Nigel Pennick. Actually the ritual is very close to a Wiccan Opening the Circle rite. In fact, the same invocations are frequently found in Wiccan material and here they are just rewritten. You can lay out a circle for this if you wish. You could also easilly use the Hammer Rite or one of its equivalents as given in Thorsson's Futhark. The idea of warding a space and setting it apart is the same. Pennick's version as given here also calls upon divine aid, which Thorsson also covers.

Firstly, prepare some water. If you have access to a natural stream, all the better. Pennick recommends water from a holy well. If you are lucky enough to have access to one then all the better. I have to admit I have just used tap water for a lot of magical ceremonies .

The water is in a suitable container. Now stir it clockwise with your right forefinger. Visualize a stream of blue white light charging the water. Say:

In the name of Hler,
Into this water I direct the might of Ond
That it will be pure and clean
In the service of the Goddesses and Gods
So be it

Now take some sea-salt crystals and stir it into the water nine times clockwise. Say:

Here is salt
Salt is life
To cleanse this place
Free from strife
So be it

Now move around the circle starting in the north. Acknowledge each cardinal quarter as you pass by and say in each cardinal quarter "By water and salt, I purify this holy Ve (or substitute circle or whatever Ve could mean something like a sacred enclosure. I may be wrong on this one)

Take up the incense used and walk around the circle, again acknowledge each cardinal quarter and say: By fire and air, I purify this holy Ve.

With a rune wand or staff, if you have such, walk around the circle again. Begin in the north say "I call upon Rinda and the power of completion, Jera" To the east "I call upon Kari and the power of birth, Berkano. At the south "I call upon Loge and the power of daylight, Dagaz. At the west. "I call upon Hler and the power of enlightenment, Kenaz. Walk to the centre and face north. Lift wand or hands to the pole star. "I call upon the centre, Erda and the power of earth, and Gar, the tree of measure, Ash spear of Odin. Visualize a dome of protective power over the circle. Upon it the 24 runes of the elder Futhark shine. Jera is north. Dagaz South. The East Berkano and the West Kenaz. All other runes in their proper order.

Face north and lift your hands/wand to the pole star. "O Erda and Hler
Rinda, Loge and Kari
Vanir and Aesir
May your power be present in this holy Ve!

Now the chamber is ready for your work.

Notes: Most authors begin their runic ring with Fehu in the North or slightly north east. Pennick's Fehu will be with Dagaz in the South, slightly southwest. In addition, Gar is a rune for spear in the Northumbrian rune row. Pennick uses the Old English names for the runes, while I have used the Elder names here. Kari, Hler, Loge, Rinda, Erda are names of primal elemental deities. I am not sure about the exact origins of Erda in myth and literature. I think the name is mentioned in a Wagner opera as a name for the Earth Goddess. The word simply means earth it may actually be a variant name for other Germanic Goddesses. Not sure but I rather liked the name and idea myself.

You should now have your material for the talisman ready. It would be ideal if you can find a piece of wood that actually can add its correspondence to your magical goal. That would be the ideal. However, you can turn anything into a runic talisman even paper if it is to be less durable. You can use bone, metal, stone anything really. For this example let's say we want to make a protection for someone who is going on a long trip. You can use Raidho, the rune of travel. Combine it with Uruz for strength. If you want, Elhaz is not bad either and very protective. Raidho and Uruz gives you strength during the journey it will protect the car against breakdowns and accidents.

Use your tool of carving and begin carving or drawing the rune on your chosen material. Visualize the rune superimposed over the talisman before you carve Concentrate and sing the runic names as you carve. You can see the energy from the rune ring around you flow through you and through your carver and into the talisman material. I would trace the runes over the talisman as well and I may also use the stances to help direct and channel the energy. I will also direct the runes what to do through a invocation.
Make the sign of the Thor's hammer over the talisman and sing a runic call. You can use the runic sounds combined.

Once carving is done you should colour the runes. You can use one of the traditional colouring materials. Or you could use a form of red paint. Even a red marker pen if you have nothing else. You may use a little of your own blood if you prefer. Just be careful and responsible. The idea of reddening a source of magical power seems very ancient. Eg. the use of red ochre.
You may want to use the knife or a colouring tool to apply the pigment. Adapt accordingly depending on what you use. Sing the rune names and sounds as you colour.
Once the colouring is finished and any colouring material you used is dry.
Now you need to enclose the talisman in the “womb of darkness” for a period. Actually, this is closely related to many talismanic consecration ideas in other traditions. Taking something inert and giving it life through a form of the initiation process. From death to rebirth. In darkness the object will increase in power. Wrap the talisman in a black cloth and tie it up with nine turns of a cord. As you wrap and tie say:
Go into the womb of darkness
There to grow in power

Once closed rotate the package nine times clockwise while saying:

In the name of the goddesses and gods
And by the might of earth, wind, water, air and ice
I ward off all harmful sprites
The ill-natured demons
The fiends who injure our bodies
Who sap our strength
Who blight our lives
Who try to destroy us
Ward off the ill fortune of bad spirits
The awesome giants
The fearful trolls
The mischievous Yarthkins
Envious humans
Bad omens, injurious portents
Unwanted on-lays and laid air
And the ministrations of malignant entities
May we be freed from all kinds of injury
And instead be favoured with those real gifts
Which we seek
In accordance with eternal Law
According to Free Will
So be it

The talisman should be kept in darkness for a nine-fold period. Nine minutes, nine hours, nine days, nine years etc. The longer it is kept in darkness the more it will grow in power. Personally I won’t leave the talisman alone but remove it from storage each day and sing the runic names and re-enforce the spell. The object is still kept wrapped. Or my womb of darkness may be a kind of container where I can add energy to the talisman. This is optional though.

When the talismanic object is ready for its birth unwrap it. If you want to strengthen the might of the object and provide it with a degree of autonomy you can name the talisman in a naming ceremony (I always thought this rather similar to using a servitor, the object is alive in a sense of the word)
Circle the wrapped package nine times. Pass it over flame or candle three times. Say an invocation for the powers of light and life to bring the talisman to full power.
Sprinkle consecrated water as above over the talisman. Or towards if paper.

I sprinkle thee with water
And name thee N (let us say for this instance it will be called Safe Traveller)
By the might of water, wind, earth, fire and ice
And so must it be.

Now make the purpose of the talisman clear or re-state the purpose
Safe Traveller, bearer of my will
I charge thee to do as commanded
For the purpose of guiding the traveller on the road
May the talisman do my will
Until its work is done
In accordance with eternal law
And so must it be

With the wand or forefinger enclose the talisman in a triple circle, three interlocked circles.
Now the work is finished
In which Safe Traveller
Was brought out of the unformed world
Into the world of being
In the name of the goddesses and gods
According to Free Will
And so must it be

It is now ready for use. Wear it on your person. Place it in vicinity of person it should affect. If it has a limited effect, you can scrape off the runes (if wooden) and burn the object. Metal, bone or stone could be thrown into water.

You may also carve the name in runes of the talisman’s target upon the talisman. You can also carve the talisman’s name upon it. Here you have one method to make a runic talisman to adapt to your needs. I mostly took this from Nigel Pennick’s Secrets of the Runes. Can’t take any credit for it. Some of the basic outline is similar to a ritual given by Thorsson in Futhark.
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Default Re: Making a runic talisman

What you will need:

Fire or candle
Talisman material
A knife for carving or pen for drawing
Red colouring (Tiver, blood, paint)
Piece of black cloth to enclose
Thread to wind nine times around the package
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Default Re: Making a runic talisman

Good one. I use a similar working myself.
I think I have some more info on Erda. I'll look it up tomorrow and pass it on if there is anythig interesting there. I must admit I've not heard of the others myself, I usually call upon Nordri, Sudri, Audri and Vestri for the cardinal points. Where did you come across Hler etc?
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Default Re: Making a runic talisman

The primal elemental deities are well established in lore. Though I will have to check on where exactly the names are mentioned. Hler may also be an alternate name of Aegir. Though Pennick calls this forms more primal and Aegir deals with another aspect. Kari is mentioned in lore as well. Rinda is a more or less well known figure as well. Likewise with Loge.

"Aegir (the Terrifying), also called Hler (the Shelterer) and Gymir (the Concealing), is a god of the sea. He
is probably older than Njord and is described several times as a giant. As Hler he is one of the three sons
of the giant Fornjot, the other two being Kari (wind) and Loge (fire), who embody the Odhinn/Hoenir/Lodurr air/water/fire triad on the level of elemental forces. Njord rules the bounty of the sea; Aegir
personifies the sea itself" (Gundersson, 2002: 142)
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Default Re: Making a runic talisman

Thanks for that, looks like I need to go back to my books again. Am I old enough to blame age and senility yet?
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