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Default Animal Oracles

I figured this woudl be best suited to this forum, not Tarot, although some of the decks are structured like classical tarot, most aren't. Do you have any Animal Oracles you use? Of if you have some and don't use them - what don't you like about the deck? I have five main oracles, that I use - and planning to acquire a couple more...how about you?

Mine are:

The Druid Animal Oracle
Author Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm

Illustrated by Will Worthington www.willworthingtonart.co.uk

The Classic Medicine cards, by Jamie Sams and David Carson (I bought these in the 80s and they are one of my best-loved oracles)

I have this very beautiful deck by Susan Seddon Boulet, I don't really use it for reading (it has, alas, meanings printed on the backs, but it's gorgeous) so much as for meditiation or working with a specific animal who may be guiding me.

I have Ted Andrews' decks, but I never use them, they're more for collection purposes:

This (Celtic Totem oracle) comes with very small cards but a good trance CD, 70 minutes of drumming, which I have used on it's own many times, and is worth it just for that.

I also have a bunch of others, as I think of it, not all "animal oracles" but I do have a Dog Tarot ( this one, IMO the best! http://www.illuminationtarot.com/icani.php) as well as The Tao of Equus, the Animal Lords tarot, Fantastic Menagerie and I can't think what else.
Out of these five I really use the Druid Animal and the Medicine cards. One thing I'd love to do, someday, is design my own animal deck. Like my FB group I'd probably call it The Lamp of FLidais. But I'll never have time, so for now I'm looking at what people like, use, recommend - and why.

A couple I want:

Amazon Amazon
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Default Re: Animal Oracles

I only have the Druid Animal Oracle, but one of my past therapists had the Classic Medicine ones and I'm thinking about getting that one as well. It rung very true for me when I used it for a reading. I haven't used the Druid oracle for a while now, because it reminds me of someone I used to read these cards with who left my life quite abruptly. I do love the oracle cards, though, and I have experimented with using them in tune with the Druidcraft tarot.
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Default Re: Animal Oracles

I have the Druid Animal Oracle, I find the art so beautiful and lifelike, filled with details. Will Worthington is so talented. I love most of what he does. In our coven, we use animals a lot, for our quarters too, so I use this deck to put animals representing the quarters on my altar.

I also have the one by Susan Seddon Boulet.
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Default Re: Animal Oracles

I don't have The Classic Medicine cards, by Jamie Sams and David Carson but I like the look of them. I might have to go get some.

I have The Wolf Pack Tarot Deck (definitely not tarot) Each card is it's own counsel, giving just a few lines of advice. The trickster card came up just before I missed my flight. I like that you don't need to consult a LWB to determine the meaning of a card.

I also have Power Animal Oracle Cards. The cards have an animal with a phrase or two. I love the way the guide book is set up alphabetically. It makes finding more detail so easy to do.

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Default Re: Animal Oracles

I like those
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Default Re: Animal Oracles

I have the Animal Spirits deck, and I haven't thought about it in years, much less brought it out. I should do that.

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pomba gira
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Default Re: Animal Oracles

I've had the DOA forever, it's gorgeous but I don't find it to be that great of a reading deck.
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Default Re: Animal Oracles

Snow Leopard.
this one:
Um. did I miss the point of the thread again?
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