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Default Re: Healing guides

Heya! I guess I'm not the only one who is aware of the Angelic Realms. I feel the angels are working with me too, when things get out of hand for me and my guides.

I'm aware of a few of my guides. One of them is a male, has a crow-like or bird-like energy and he helps me stand up for myself in the dark times of my life. He helps me learn to be independent and brought my vitality back in the lowest times of my life. My female guide, she helps me with the recovery process and get in touch with my intuitive side. Both of them are my principle guides.

I sense that there are other guides too, but for what purpose, is a mystery, but when the time comes and is appropriate, I would know.
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Default Re: Healing guides

I've "worked with" a number of deities over the years - Oshun, Aphrodite, Hecate, Isis, Ma'at, The Morrigan, Flidias, Brigid, Artemis, Arianrhod and more. But in terms of a Guide - I have two, and neither can be fully identified with a specific deity, per se. I would say both are more like representations of the archetypal power or pattern behind what we think of as deities. One is a.... template, I'd say, for Hecate/theCailleach, a sort of female Merlin, one with more balance than those two figures suggest, in that she is both darkness and light, healing and destruction, full Moon and Dark. The other is the power behind figures like Morgan le Fay - with a bit of Brigid thrown in - she is the one who appears when I have focused too much on helping othres, when I'm neglecting my own needs, when I 'm out of balance in this pursuit of knowledge and making a difference. The Hecate figure will lead me (with infinite kindness) to the garden of dying plants and tangled confusion hat represents where I am headed if I don't get working on a specific area; the Morgan figure takes me deep into the earth, to the Fountain of black marble that looks out on the ocean, and compels me to rest there is silence until my strength has been restored. Both of them are beyond precious to me, but it is often the older, sage-woman I run to when I am feeling lost or in need of guidance. It is also more often the "female Merlin" who pops up and directs me to (or away from) a given action, without me actively looking for her. Morgan, I usually need to seek, although she has come unbidden a couple of times, too.

Locally, I attune to many Beings who have been here in this area for longer than memory, but I would not consider them Guides. Certainly they help me, as they have seen my dedication to the non-humans here and they know my heart (after much testing). However these to I would not call "guides". I have worked close to a decade to call them friends, and that is a great honour to me. In the animal realm, I also do not have one specific guide, but a large umber of allies, whom I approached always in humility and to serve. If a great black wolf hunts down an enemy and stops their slander in whatever way he sees fit, it is almost never because I have called and asked for help. It's because I serve them and in doing so, they now serve me. Is this a "Guide"? Not in my understanding; with all the energies of the Otherworld I know, only two I call Guides. And if I've learned one thing in magic, all these years - it's that service needs to be reciprocal - except the Guide, who simply helps and supports YOU, and desires only that you learn.
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Default Re: Healing guides

When I was attuned to Reiki 3, I met my healing guide, Master Asanta, I have also met Beings from the forest nothing as clear as when I met Asanta, they assist me in healings mostly. I will also call on Azna, the female aspect of God, I am positive she is also Oshun, Brigid, Isis Mary, etc. There are some that are my gardians, I have not met them, or I should say I have no name to attach to them, could be they are all the same ,but I know they are there. I feel several, at times. I see the purple orb-like flash, when they are either trying to tell me something, warnings, or maybe helping me with whatever I am doing or wanting. When I actually put this into words I feel so blessed to actually know these things exist, even if its just in my world experience. I know its in everyone's who are open to it.
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