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Default Recycle

Do anybody recycle? I sometimes recycle.
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Default Re: Recycle

Our city doesn't recycle any more...well, what they were doing didn't exactly fit the bill to start with. For a while there was a mobile group that came through and left bins on parking lots. They would rotate them out but they no longer come around for some reason but this seemed to work well from what I knew and could see. After that, we used to have these big metal bins that were "designated" plastics, glass, cardboard, and paper - but folks just used them to dump all their trash and very few who actually sorted put the correct item in the correct bin. They were always full and trash would pile up around them. In addition, someone did some investigating and learned the bins were simply taken to the dump and put with all the misc. garbage and not sorted in the least.

Soooo the city made a big move last year to force recycling on the citizens via home pick up. Which is fine and dandy BUT the city took it a step too far for most of us. They gave the contract to a large company without any input from the citizens. What this would have done is to put the little trash guys completely out of business because most folks can't afford nor are willing to pay two trash companies - one for recyclables and one for garbage. The small independent companies fought for the right to offer the same services but were denied. For those who are already with the large company, their bills were going up even tho it would have been all one stop for pickup. So that blew up big time in the city's face and we now have no recycling services at all locally but we can sort and take to the dump to be put in the correct sections ourselves - which many of us do. It's a hefty fee and I can't always afford it but go as often as I can.

Mostly I try to find another use for things or take them apart and use the parts for something else.
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Default Re: Recycle

I always recycle.

I am glad that it is an option, some places in the world don't have any recycling. My next step is to have my own compost, would be easier if I did not live in an apartment.
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Default Re: Recycle

Our council provides every household with bins for glass, metal, plastic, paper and organic waste. Like Fethenwen, I'm thinking of composting the organic waste myself and using it in the garden.
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Default Re: Recycle

We have bins for paper, plastic, glass..we are down to one small bag of garbage. We also recycle at the office, we just collect and bring it home. We also compost...I am actually a bit nutty about rinsing off stuff before putting it in the garbage or recycle bin. We also bring a small bag to collect garbage we find when we walk in the forest. It really bothers me when I forget to bring one, I then fill my pockets with stuff.
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Default Re: Recycle

All the time!
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Default Re: Recycle

Absolutely, for over 25 years.
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Default Re: Recycle

Originally Posted by Bartmanhomer View Post
Do anybody recycle? I sometimes recycle.
You do know that in NYC there's a fine if you get caught NOT recycling? It starts at $25 and continues to go up.

Yes, I recycle as much as I can.
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Default Re: Recycle

Yup. Can't imagine not recycling.
Even now that we've moved to the country, I still do it. Our Post Office has a free recycling dumpster beside it, so I just put things in bags, or boxes, and drop off whenever we pick up the mail.

Midnight Calico Farm

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