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Methodology This forum is for sharing and discussion of all magical methods and techniques, from basic to advanced. Discussion is not confined to any one path or philosophy but welcomes all takes on the topic.

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Default Re: Blood Magick - Various Methods Of Using Blood In Practice

Originally Posted by Maikan View Post
So by this point I was pretty much groaning inwardly, because I know the relevance of what this old man had just told me from my own heritage and Ancestors, basically I’d out of chance and circumstance given the Ancestors and Sidhe here a gift of two fine horses, which has sealed my pact with them and this land this alone would have been enough but the added fact one of those horses has a blood bond with me just made the deal a whole lot sweeter and more powerful on the part of the Ancestors and the Sidhe here.
That is very scary, Maikan. Definitely proved my point.

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