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LHP Left-Hand Path: For discussing traditions that reject conventional religious dogmas and/or practices in favor of techniques or positions that are generally considered 'taboo.'

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Default Channelling Optimus Prime

(I place this here, because it is an expression of my own path; Chaos Magick. Whether fairly or not, it is considered LHP.)

After reading yet another article on the Web, about how America was becoming a
police state, I found myself remembering how the recent Transformers films had
made a mockery of the character of Optimus Prime. He had said there that
freedom was the right of all sentient beings; yet everyone in the government at
least, seemed to believe otherwise.

Optimus wasn't real; yet as a Chaos magician, I knew that every character as
well known as him, had an egregore. I wanted to get his opinion on where the
country, and the world, was going.

OP:- I'm here.

Me:- I don't like where the world is going; especially America. I also feel as
though more recently, they are trying to do it in your name, and the name of
every similar character they have, with similar ideals.

OP:- I know. I don't like it either. Many of us [meaning characters from
various stories] actually talk to each other, and we do not like what we see,
for America. A dark time is coming.

Me:- How can governments do what they are doing?

Here Optimus' huge shoulders seemed to sag, and he let out a heavy sigh. I had
always loved that flanged voice. I had grown up with it.

OP:- They have forgotten that to be a leader...a real leader...means making
yourself the least of all. I serve the Autobots; I do not have power over them,
not really. I can be a decent planner, and I can keep my head and hold it
together emotionally more than they can, in a crisis; so they rely on that, when
they are panicking, or confused, or don't know what to do next, or where to run.

But it is a heavy responsibility. A very heavy burden. Whenever one of them is
injured or killed, I feel it. When the others are powered down, [the
Transformers' analogy for sleep] I am the one who remains active; torturing
myself, asking myself over and over and over again what I could have done
differently, how I could have saved whoever has fallen.

They ask me what to do, when they do not know. *They* choose *me,* not the
other way around. *They* ask this of me. I do not always want it; many times I
do not. The war that I am in has gone on for far, far too long; and I am
*tired.* I am exhausted on a level beyond humanity's ability to comprehend, yet
still it goes on. At any time, I could give an order, and they could walk away.
What could I do? But they do not. It is *their* choice.

Me:- Kali and some of my own experiences have taught me that authority is not
always a negative thing. I do not always know which way to turn next myself; in
fact, most of my problems in life stem from an inability to plan, or at times at
least an inability to find a long term purpose.

OP:- Exactly. I have a message for you, my friend. Tell those who read these
words, that *they* are sovereign. Tell them that their leaders are only
extensions of *their* own will. You will only...you can only...become truly
free when you realise that.

Nobody needs to give you your freedom. It is there all the time. It is part of
who you are. It never goes away, unless you will it to; it can't. You know my
story. When Alpha Trion first built me, after the Quintessons had created all
of us, I was a slave. We all were slaves, even the Decepticons. I fought
because I made a choice to do so. There was no other reason.

You want leaders because you think you don't always have all the answers, and
you need help to decide what to do. Maybe that is true, sometimes. More often,
though, it's just because you are too timid and lack self-confidence. This is
true of all of you, not just you individually. The people who you call
psychopaths take advantage of that. They will never try and increase your
confidence. They will never try and nurture your initiative. They rely on
exactly the opposite; beating you down, making you weak, keeping you fearful.
They want you powerless so that they can control and feed from you, in the
various ways that they do.

You know about the Decepticons. They take electricity from various sources, and
make the energon cubes, which they need to live. Most of the harm that the
Decepticons have caused, comes from their hunger for energy.

The false leaders, who you have in your world, do the same. It is a different
kind of energy, but that is a detail. Your world is being sucked dry; the
plants, the animals, you yourselves. If you wish to survive, you must stop it,
and you must stop it *now.* One of the things that I know about is initiative.
You must seize the right moment when it comes, for if it passes, you lose it,
and then you simply have to make do with whatever other opportunities are left.

You will be all right, in the end. It will take a while, and there will be
suffering, but the necessary lessons will be learned. In a way it is good that
things are going so bad now, and so openly; because this will open humans' eyes.
It will show them that what they tried to deny to themselves, actually *is*
happening, and that they must act against it. Once the people realise
this...truly realise it...then they will move against the false powers, and
change will come.

Me:- You have my thanks.

OP:- I am always here. My watch continues.
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