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Default Hekate and Dragon's

Hekate and Dragons

One of my areas of interest in general deals with dragons and of course if you do searches people have connected Hekate to dragon's as well. Some you might call legitimate via her Chaldean influences, other's, well let’s just say I've never found the references that are suggesting the things being cited. Yet near as I can determine many of these "References" start to appear around 2001 though many cut and paste sites really begin around 2011 / 2012 time frame and continue from there.

Most statements fall into the notion that Hekate drives a chariot that is driven by 3 dragons. That she holds 3 keys that open the barrier into the dragon realms. That the Crossroads represent the gateway into the dragon realm. That the dragon was related to the Titans and was displaced in her mythology by the dog, perhaps even by Cerberus as a gateway guardian to the underworld.

Definitely trying to connect Hekate to both dragons and dimensional portals into a dragon dimension. Unfortunately, none of the sites ever provide references to back up any of these "claims". Yet the main statements are to be found cut and pasted across several sites. A few do have credits listing where they pulled the info from but the originator lacks crediting sources.

However, like I said there are some legitimate connections between Hekate and dragons, though they are indirect.

In Hellene mythology there are specifically 2 people connected to Hekate who have chariots that are pulled by dragons. The goddess Demeter has a chariot pulled by 2 dragons and the witch Medea has a chariot pulled by 2 dragons. Hekate herself to my knowledge is stated as having a silver chariot but it is never really specified what exactly is pulling it. Yet if we base it off of her being conflated with Selene, Diana, Luna, Artemis, Cybele and the animals that pull their respective chariots then it would seem logical her chariot would be Horses (Selene) Dogs (Selene) Deer (Artemis) Deer (Artemis) Lions (Cybele) Bear (Artemis / Diana) Goat (Artemis / Diana). None of which are really associated with a dragon.

So we are left with Demeter and Medea having chariots being pulled by dragons.

Demeter connected to Hekate mostly through the Eleusinian Mysteries. Yes, it forms part of the trinity of Demeter, Persephone and Hekate and the mystery tradition. Yet realistically doesn't make much sense for the inclusion of Demeter's chariot and her dragons. What we know of the Mysteries it's a transition and takes place underground.

So we advance to the story of Medea. Yes, Medea is very strongly associated and connected to Hekate. Yet her chariot is given to her by her grandfather Helios not Hekate. In the story it’s not even Hekate who brings the chariot to her but Artemis. Granted there could be some debate concerning translations, but most seem to suggest Medea's chariot is brought by Artemis from Hyperboria. It had been used by her there and tied to Apollo in some capacity which is why it is golden in color.
See attachment 1

Now the Chaldean influence is a bit harder to find images of. In part due to the way the serpent or dragon head is depicted. However, I've attached a copy of an image from a book I purchased that will give an idea of how it was displayed in at least one example.

see attachment 2

Though I'd follow up with a possible source for the idea of Hekate having a chariot that is pulled by three dragons. Now I admit I tend to be something like a dog with a bone when I get focused upon an idea that plagues me and this one has plagued me. I neither endorse nor disclaim this I simply am presenting it as a possible theory and leave it to the reader to arrive at their own conclusions.

As a reminder though the first mentions of Hekate and a chariot being pulled by three dragons I could find appeared about 2011 / 2012. The source I am going to present appeared in a publication with a copy write of 2010.


In 2010 Sorita d'Este had published her work HEKATE - HER SACRED FIRES. It was published by Avalonia books in the United Kingdom. Within the volume was a section titled FROM HEAVEN TO EARTH by John Canard (pgs. 91-93)

Basically the section speaks to the usage of Meteors or Meteor shows and how the author incorporates these items into his practices dealing with Hekate. I will not go into detail and will leave it to the reader to obtain the complete article if they are interested. My main interest is a particular paragraph for this discussion.

"I like the image of meteors as dragons or fiery serpents found in the Middle and Far East, as it reminds me of the dragon-borne chariot ridden by Medea, and I find it very easy to see Hekate bearing her twin torches in a chariot, with a triple-headed dragon pulling it through the night sky. Perhaps not entirely a classical image, but one she has presented to me on many occasions."
(pg. 92)

So here the author is talking about Hekate having a triple headed dragon pulling her chariot through the night sky. An image that he sees created from meteors viewed as dragons. An image I wonder myself, and in my own minds eye I see as a creation of a singular meteor and her two torches creating the triple headed dragon figure.

An image that also would tie into the idea of her Chaldean persona where meteors suggest ill omen's or positive omen's being conveyed in the night skies. An image that would also tie into her world soul imagery with her giving or taking each life as the meteor could be seen as a herald of such noble births or deaths.

But, just my own personal opinion, the imagery of a chariot being pulled by a dragon (singular with three heads or three individual beasts) is not classical. In fact, other than the suggestion present in the article by John Canard I can find no other reference to support it.

As near as I can tell, and as far as I can prove now. It seems that the originator of the idea of a chariot being pulled by either 3 dragons or a singular dragon with 3 heads originated with John Canard and was presented in his short paper, FROM HEAVEN TO EARTH published in 2010. Unless there is an earlier draft, I have been unable to locate to this point.
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