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Default The Real Reason For Vibratory Formula Banishing Ritual

My Tradition holds the position vibratory formulas
are not passe , nor not necessary , in magic ritual...

Quite the opposite...

When one vibrates sonics in such a way that the
whole body is engaged , while visualizing light
circulating around the body , with full will , and
intent , on a daily basis , with a coil spiralling
around the body , so that one is creating two
circles , at 90 degrees to each other , thus a sphere ,
and internal coil , on a daily basis , we hold the
position this can create what amounts to a
superconductor field around the body...

When combined with other practices , ie : LBRP ,
we state this has the human equivalent of an astral
Meissner field...


Which would effectively repel any other undesireable influences...

Speaking words , or just visualization alone , does not
create the same effect , as the full body , and creative mind ,
must be mutually engaged , through the vibration combined
with the visualized form...

Drawing pentagrams around you , in ritual , or hexagrams ,
in certain traditions , is , up to a point , effective for some
purposes...yet not the same...even if one activates them astrally
with a sonic , after drawing the pentagram...so we say...

Yet , there is an unpublished method for using six sonics ,
to create the pentagram points and lines of connection...

This then , is effective , in alignment with full engagement...

We hold the position astral spherical geometry , builds a
magnetic field around the body...

Of course , this means the pentagrams themselves , must
be bowed outwards , so their points converge in all directions...

When one works with the circulation of light , and spiral ,
on a daily basis , this already lends to the effect , combined
with a repulsor oriented sonic we use to bow the four astral
pentagrams one draws around themselves...

We hold certain specific sonics ( not necessarily "godnames" )
create effects in the astral and etheric fields...and hold the position
just speaking words , does not do the same...

This then , is a modern explanation for what we know is an
ancient practice...and hopefully illustrates why we eschew
the changing of certain specific rituals , in favor of easier , or
more fashionable approaches...
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