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Default Mars Retrograde

This damn thing is kicking my ass. I assume it's worse for people with Sun Aries, or (like me) Aries prominent in the chart elsewhere? I feel like if I have to read ONE MORE idiotic FB post, just ONE!! I will smash my monitor to smithereens, and I'm not exactly a violent person.

FI, I assume this can be hitting you hard as well?


Aries and Aries Ascendant: "All Mars retrograde cycles affect you on a highly personal level because Mars is your sign’s ruler. If you have an Aries Ascendant, Mars is your chart ruler, and Mars retrograde can also affect you on the physical plane as well as your personal presentation or image to others. You don’t assert yourself or state what it is that you want as directly as you normally do, and you could be withdrawn and introspective, pulling back from life a little as you figure out what it is that you truly want from it. Pushing yourself during this Mars retrograde cycle will only lead to frustrations and slowdowns. It’s time to review how you have been handling yourself in terms of self-assertion and expression of anger in general, and for considering making changes to your approach to getting what you want out of life. Occurring in your solar eleventh house from June 26 to August 12, enthusiasm for generating business income, for working towards your higher goals and hopes, for group or community activities, and/or friendships may wane, perhaps due to some problems or setbacks in these areas of life. Some of you could be dealing with frustrations and buried anger with friends. Ambiguity in these areas of life may lead you to reassess your friendships, group endeavors and associations, or higher goals. There may be frustration with goals or dreams not manifesting soon enough, when in fact this retrograde period is strong for making important edits to your plans. Refocus, backtracking, and review become necessary and recommended now.

From August 12-27, Mars is retrograde in your solar tenth house, and enthusiasm for career and public or professional matters may wane, perhaps due to some problems or setbacks in these areas of life. Ambiguities might have you second-guessing or reassessing your goals. You might feel less confident about pushing forward, or you could simply feel more cautious now. Some projects may stall. You may be feeling as if you are only going through the motions when it comes to your duties and responsibilities, temporarily lacking ambition, fire, or motivation. Refocus, backtracking, and review become necessary and recommended now. Old projects or goals could use some attention for some of you. This portion of Mars retrograde emphasizes practical and work matters. How you organize your time is in question now."
"if you don't know how to think, you'll always be a one legged man in an ass kicking contest".

Shane Parrish
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