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Default frederick lenz teachings - anyone heard of this guy?

So I stumbled upon this guys teachings via itunes podcast section, there are some of his talks there for free like: The Lakshmi series and Tantric buddhism.

Interesting stuff, I was intrigued, but then I started to doubt this guys sincerity.

He proclaims to be "enlightened"; now if someone says he is enlightened, and does that repeatably - my skepticism antennas starts beeping pretty loudly. So I did some research, and it seems this guy might have been a cult leader during the 80's, he made lots of bucks selling his teachings and died of what seemed like a suicide at 48 years old.

Anyone familiar with his story? It seems to have caused quite a lot of controversy.
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Default Re: frederick lenz teachings - anyone heard of this guy?

I've never heard of it -- but plastic shamans and fake gurus do abound....
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