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Shamanism For exploration of the techniques and insights of various forms of shamanism

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Smile New to Shamanism

Hi all!

On January i completed the Wheel with a Four Winds Society Teacher and i am on my way exporing deeper this modality.I am 38 years old with not so much life experiences and due to that i have suffered enought throught my life i chose to follow a Spirirual path at young age.

Some metaphysical experiences and mental illness in the family led me to want to help others in the beginning.After passing throught the Savior role,i realised that we are the only responsibles for our well-being and growth.

Throught this Journey Shamanism appeared on my path and now i have the desire to find like-minded people to share our experiences.This forum is the right place

Any advice for a beginner would be much appreciated.
It's like a whole new chapter in my life and the change makes me fearful and i try to find ways to follow my inner guidance.

I live in Greece and because of the crisis and my own history its difficult to find a job. I have worked this with breathwork and i wonder with which archetype to start with? I used to be very shy and the feeling of being alone and isolated some periods made me realise i am different from the masses so thats why i followed spiritual teachings and paths.

During our interaction here i hope to improve my English and connect with people in search of my Tribe,that i so long crave for meeting,and open my wings like an Eagle
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Default Re: New to Shamanism

First welcome to Earthsong. I hope you find what you are seeking here and Spirit speaks to you through our words and our energy.

I walk a shamanic pathway but I do not walk the one you are being trained on. Because of that you may find that both the definition of terms and the way I use words may be quite different if not out and out in opposition to what you are taught they mean. As such neither is right or wrong but simply different.

One thing I'd advise to the newbie seeker is listen to where the spirits and Spirit guides. That will tell you which pathway you are being guided to as a world walker and which group will be your major allies and guides. By pathway I mean will you be the healer, the warrior, the harvester & planter, the animal mother / father, the Spirit Keeper and Soul passer or perhaps a combination of others.

Your guides and Spirit itself and perhaps various divinities will guide and inspire you and help you in that. Many times also influencing the very "training" you will receive from the spirit world itself or who will be "Positioned" into your mundane world to aide and assist you.

Of course these are my opinions so others may have differing opinions.
I'm Only Responsible For What I Say Not For What or How You Understand!
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