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View Poll Results: Wiccans only! Do you practice in a Coven or Solitary?
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Solitary 12 28.57%
Both/either, depending on the situation. 13 30.95%
I am not Wiccan but I wanted to click something. 16 38.10%
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Kemetic Wiccan
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Question Coven or Solitary?

How do you practice? Are you in a Coven or do you practice Solitary?

I am, and has always been Solitary. My fiance is Wiccan as well, but we do not practice magick together. I talk to her about a lot of my theories and such, but we do all of our stuff alone. To me it just feels right. There are times when a group may be helpful, but I get the feeling it could hold one back at times. Thoughts?
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Default Re: Coven or Solitary?

To me being Native American, the more the merrier.. The bigger the council drum the more beaters the louder the better.
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Default Re: Coven or Solitary?

solitary i guess
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Default Re: Coven or Solitary?

Hmm.... touchy subject for me. I was in a coven for 10 years. It dissolved last fall. I still share my spirituality with my husband and kids but we don't hold formal rituals. And I attend larger Pagan gatherings from time to time but these are very loose associations.

So I guess I'm re-learning how to be solitary. I've heard stories about how hard it is to adjust to working in a group but I'm finding it even harder to adjust to being alone. There's no shared energy pool, no emotional support, no one to tell you you aren't crazy (lol), and no one to prod you along. Now it's too easy for me to neglect my spiritual practices if I don't do something to keep it in my mind - like reading and discussing things on this forum. It helps keep it a central part of my life. Otherwise things like getting the kids to various schools, homeschooling my youngest, cooking meals, cleaning house, working, etc... they take over.
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Default Re: Coven or Solitary?

I am not wiccan, but I belong to two initiatory systems. One of which is solitary, with a teacher available far away, and the other is a group of people.

I would prefer solitary with a teacher available. The group that I am involved in doesn't do much organized work.
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Default Re: Coven or Solitary?

I've been solitary for my 28 years of study and practice. I'm currently in the process of applying for membership in a coven.

Blessed be,

Drailaogh Zilla Banefyr
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Default Re: Coven or Solitary?

I'm in the same situation as Autumn Fire. I was in a coven for years, but it imploded last year. I'm still in touch with individual members so sometimes two or three of us get together for a ritual. I always did regular solitary work as well, but now I'm adjusting to not having the resources of a coven.
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Default Re: Coven or Solitary?

I've been for two years in a coven and I totally love it. On top of that it's exactly the tradition I was into: Celtic Shamanic Wicca. We learn constantly new things in the coven and practice things. All the people are really nice as well which makes the experience great. Even though I'm in a coven, we don't stop our solitary work because of that, actually my solitary work got more intense because we have stuff to do on our own as well. This coven is a wish come true for me.
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Default Re: Coven or Solitary?

Solitary. I have no real desire to join a coven. I do get together with other solitary practitioners at times and chat with them or do a ritual together with them. They're friends both in and out of the craft. Yet, I like to do most of my workings alone and I love to have me-time. It's not that I don't play well with others, but I like to have the choice of when I will and when I won't deal with them.
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Default Re: Coven or Solitary?

From Gerald Gardner's writings, it seems clear that he intended for those who followed his Art of Witchcraft to do both. I think AutumnFire did a good job explaining what the good things are about working with a group, but there are times when it's not feasable to get the whole group together, perhaps there isn't enough time, and we need to just take care of things ourselves. We may even contact the others in the group and ask them to do something to help at their own personal altar.

My group is pretty much worn to a nub right now, the group split apart a couple of years ago when a troll divided the membership, then one member died very suddenly, and now two members are moving out of state. That leaves me and two others, one isn't even really Wiccan, he's more Shamanistic but has shown some interest in Wicca and loves working with the group. Like AutumnFire, I tend to get lazy on my own.
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