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Default Energy Transfer

How do you transfer negative energy into positive energy? Also how do you transfer positive energy into negative energy?
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Default Re: Energy Transfer

When a forest catches on fire, is that a 'negative' energy? Perhaps it has a destructive element, but forest fires are actually an important part of the life/death/rebirth cycle of the forest. It's a very human tendency to label energy as 'good' or 'bad' but really we do not see the whole picture. First things first, learn to see the positive in every negative, and the negative in every positive.
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Default Re: Energy Transfer

energy is like electricity...........is not about turning the bad into the good............it is like flipping a switch *making a connection* that allows it to flow...............in electrical terms it is making a connection of positive or hot............to negative or ground to complete a circuit............that is my explanation
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Default Re: Energy Transfer

I was taught (and believe) that energy is neither positive or negative; that it is neutral and it's the practitioner him/herself that transforms and/or uses it in either a "positive" or "negative" manner.
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Default Re: Energy Transfer

Some energy is dysfunctional or not organized in a healthy pattern. This is how I conceptualize it, at least. Generally the touch therapist has strong, healthy energy which is sent to the client. All energy work is an exchange of energy, so the therapist receives the client's energy in return--which may be dysfunctional, negative or sick energy. Normally the therapist clears out all of the negative, sick energy after the treatment. If the therapist can manage to clear it out as it is received, so much the better.
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