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Default Book of Wisdom Perun

Within the framework of our work on reconstruction of a history of a human civilization it is necessary to analyze closely «Slav–Arias Vedas», Santee Vedas of Perun, the Circle the First. To our regret, modern commentators of ancient knowledge have taken a great interest in the imaginations and have come off the validity. At all respect for their work, it is necessary to establish true and to correct the admitted mistakes.

In Santee 1 it is told about how there was a meeting of the God–Father or the Father Heavenly earthmen – Perun, with children and descendants.

1 (1). As in a hailstones of Gods, in Asgard Irij
On merge of the sacred rivers Irija and Omi
Near Great Kapishe Inglia
At the Sacred stone the Mythical stone
The divine chariot has gone down from heavens Vaitman...
Great light and flame surrounded her
When she fell to the Earth...

3 (3). Collect - gather
around Vaitman besides seating,
it is a lot of days of Gods glorified...
Also it was opened Vaitman, left it in flesh
The light God Heavenly...

4 (4). The rivers the God Eternal Fine:
I was from the Paradise-ground
From Svarga Heavenly where flows Irij light
In gardens Virij, near Asgard Heavenly
I Perun Thundered, Svarog the son.
Listen people and soldiers of Sorts to Human my words
To lecture of my words listen...

According to our reconstruction of a history, the meeting occurred not earlier than VIII century BC in area of the city of Omsk at merge of the rivers Irij and Omi. A beautiful hypothesis will be date of carrying out of a meeting of God - Father Perun with people in 0 year of our era. Up to a flood of 1250 BC near Omsk there was city of Asgard Da’Arias. In city centre there was a pyramid in height of 700 meters. Asgard settled down on coast of the Ice cold sea, or the sea Da’Arias, or Scythian ocean - a low part of Western Siberia filled with sea water. Da’Arias it has been based Atlantis - by tribes Arias, headed it come from Russia - a dynasty of tsar of tsars of an antiquity. Atlantis there was on open spaces of the Volga region, and a capital of a civilization - in the Southern Volga region on coast of Caspian Sea. Atlantis existed on an interval of time 3506-1250 BC. Expansion Atlantis by the ground has led to creation of colony Da’Arias in the south of Western Siberia and Altai about 3000 BC. Some waves of a tsunami of 1250 BC. Have destroyed Atlantis and Da’Arias is together with their capitals. Cities have been destroyed by impact of water, construction crashed flooding, and the bases of constructions, walls and temples, including pyramids - are covered with a thick layer of clay and sedimentary breeds. Thickness of deposits now makes some tens meters.

On a place of destroyed city of Asgard of Da’Arias city of Asgard Irij has been built up. It happened, when ocean water left from Western Siberia, and the sea-bottom has turned to tundra and has healed the wounds. Restoration of the nature lasted not less than 500 years from a Flood. Only in middle I of a millennium BC in Da’Arias people is descendant’s survived Da’Arias people and Atlantis people have returned.

So, the meeting of the God - Father of earthmen Perun Thundered with people has taken place in city of Asgard Irij. According to text Vedas of Perun moves in space and an atmosphere on Vaitman. However it is not a spacecraft, and «the Chariot of the God ». Actually Vaitman it is the quantum object created by meditation of the pilot. The God, Prince or the person can create Vaitman or Vaitmar, according to the abilities. Size of Vaitman - about two meters in diameter that is Leonardo Da Vinci's sphere.

Vaitman meditation Chariot of Kubara - « the Chariot of the God » allows to create. For convenience of moving in space and an atmosphere, the pilot uses a cocoon as eggs with the big aperture and sitting inside. In such Chariot of Kubara it is possible to place a cargo or even the passenger. Vaitman prepared people and magician can create. Larger Chariot of Kubara is Vaitmar. She can do during meditation Gods and Princess that is the most prepared pilots. In Vaitmar are located is 144 Vaitman or the passenger. The principle of action of Chariot of Kubara – Vaitman-Vaitmar for moving on the universe consists in de recoherence (disappearance) of object in a place of flying away and decoherence (restoration) - in a terminal point of travel. Moving is teleportation occurs instantly. So for flights in space of any spacecrafts in the usual sense this word is not required, and to construct spaceships it is not obviously possible from the technical point of view.

Angels flying in the sky, a fragment of a fresco "Crucifixion" from Serbian orthodox monastery Visoki Dechani in Kosovo, Yugoslavia (the fresco is created about 1350).

Let's return to text of Vedas. God - Father, is Perun tells to terrestrial children, that his Father is Svarog. There lives Perun on a planet the Paradise-ground in Svarga Heavenly near the city of Asgard Heavenly. In our usual understanding it is Paradise Heavenly in Kingdom Heavenly where the Hailstones Heavenly is located.

It agrees Vedas of Perun explains the origin:

5 (5)... Any obvious or secret doubt of heart
God Vyshen, the Keeper of the Worlds
Father Svarog and my Grandfather
Best of all Wise, will allow...
I know the Knowledge of Gods is eternal.

9 (105)... God Vyshen to protect begins dreams of her
And the Lada–God Mother will keep from Evil in the afternoon of her...

Our physical God - Father Perun son of Svarog and the Lada–God Mother, the grandson of God Vyshen - Sirs of God Lord. So direct physical communication between the founder of the universe – Sirs of God Lord, his child in our Galaxy - the Milky Way, Svarog and wife of Svarog - the Lada – God Mother, his grandson Perun, First children on the Earth the God - Father is traced: Tarh-Adam-Uranus and Container - Eva-Gays. Usual people, in turn, descendants Tarh and Container (Adam and Eva) and other children on the Earth God - Father Perun. First terrestrial children of Perun, we believe, that their twelve person, were born from seven his wives from female of Hominid, that is Homo sapiens. In Vedas these facts have found reflection in the god of the Rod and seven Beregin or on Greek manners Galaxies. And already terrestrial children of Perun, take in the wife numerous female Hominid, have created a population of mankind - Homo sapiens moralis. Depending on genie features Hominid, living in different parts of the world, four races of people - Europeans, Chinese, Negroes and Indians were formed.

Going people around of the God - Father Name are the Perun-Father, Santee 5:

1 (65). Also has asked Perun Thundered, Ogneslav
Priest Great Kapishe Inglij, from Clan Svyatoruss:
You, tell - tell, the Perun-Father,
That expects in the future of descendants
All Sorts of Race Great and Sorts Heavenly?

God - Father Perun has told to the descendants the future of the Earth and a sort human.

2 (66). The God Multi wise answered Ogneslav:
Listen to me, the Great Keeper of Primary Fire...
And you attendants of Gods of Sacred Race and the Sort Heavenly...
Similarly to Heavenly Irij
That divides a floor - Svarga Heavenly
Great Changes will bring
Stream of the River of Time in the current...

3 (67). Will change the face
The sacred ground of Race Great.
The great Cold snap will bring a wind yes ' Arias
On the ground this and Marena on third of Summer
Will cover its White Raincoat.
There will be no food to people and animals during time it
Also Great Resettlement will begin
Descendants of the Sort Heavenly for mountains Ripejskij
this protect on the western boundaries
Sacred Rassenia...

God - Father Perun in the remote past repeatedly visited the Earth, directing evolution of fauna with the purpose of reception of a sort Hominids, most confidants on the structure to the Father Heavenly. Our planet is an alive essence which on a regular basis loses orientation in a space because of presence of World Ocean and polar caps. The Earth makes fluctuations, with the period in some thousand years, changing the poles places and an inclination of an axis of rotation to a plane ecliptic, behaving as unstable gyroscope. About 13 thousand years ago planet has borrowed not so successful position in space that has caused the beginning of a glacial age. Perun in 7518 years ago has established the world in a star temple - that is has exposed the Earth in steady position when North Pole was in the geometrical center of Antarctica and has been directed to North Star - Tara. The South Pole planets settled down in area of island Elomir, that near to Greenland. Accordingly, Eurasia was in the Southern hemisphere, the Sun ascended in the West, and sat down in the East, therefore the West - east and the south - north were in other parts of the world.

People have appeared on open spaces of the top Volga region, having created the first civilization - Atlantis (Antlan). For hundreds years up to a flood of 1250 BC climate of a planet began to vary, being prepared for new revolution of the Earth. It has brought winter in once fertile grounds of the Volga region - the rivers Ra. Children of Perun and their families - descendants of the Clan Heavenly have begun Great Resettlement through mountains Ripejskij - the Ural Mountains lay then in the West from the Volga region. Behind the Ural Mountains there was a Scythian ocean that is Da’Arias (Ice cold) sea on a place of modern West Siberian plain. The southern part of the sea Da’Arias incorporated to Caspian Sea, forming not so wide passage between the European Russia and east (western nowadays) a part of Western Siberia and Altai. There civilization Da’Arias with capital Asgard (near to Omsk) has been based.

4 (68). They also will reach Great Waters
The oceans - seas Western
Also their Force Heavenly will transfer
On the ground of Not-Beards of people
With a leather of color of a flame of Sacred Fire.
The great Leader will construct in the ground of that
Kapishe the Trident of the God of the Seas.
Also will be Nij - the God of the Seas
To send them not accounting gifts
Also begins to protect their grounds from Elements of Evil...

Da’Arias has settled down on Altai, bordering with the grounds wild Not-Beards people with yellow color of leather, that is - with ancestors of Chinese. However resettlement from native places has brought dissonance in a society. Atlantis and Da'Aries were at war with each other. In the Greek mythology this war refers to titanomaches. Atlantis was headed by gods, and Da'Aries - titans, and gods have won titans. On the party of gods is titan Kronos - Noah (under the Bible) - Nij (on Vedas) was at war:

5 (69). But a great prosperity
to befog heads of leaders and priests.
Great Laziness and desire another's will grasp reason of them.
Also they will start to lie to Gods and people,
Also begin to live under laws,
Breaking Precepts Wise First Ancestors
And Laws of the God - creator Uniform.
Also will use
Force of Elements of the Midgard-ground
For achievement of the purposes...
Also they will anger the acts
Nij - the Great God of the Seas...

On Vedas the god of the seas Nij, corresponds bible Noah also Greek is Kronos. Nij–Noah–Kronos punishes people for sins:

6 (70). Also will destroy Nij and Elements the ground that,
Also she will disappear in depths of Great Waters,
that as has disappeared during Ancient times
In depths of northern waters - Sacred Da’Arias...
Gods of Race will rescue people just
And Force Heavenly will transfer their east,
In the grounds of people with a leather of color of the Gloom...
And Not-Beards people
With a leather of color of a flame of Sacred Fire,
Force Great in boundless will transfer the grounds
On call of the Jarilo-sun laying...

Thus, Nij-Noah-Kronos has caused displacement of poles of the Earth because of what there was the huge tsunami which has destroyed Atlantis and its colony – Da’Arias. Cities Atlantis people and Da’Arias people were displace a stream of water, a building and a construction - are completely destroyed. On a place of settlements the multi meter sedimentary layer was formed of clay and sand. Works of art and ancient knowledge have been lost. Therefore Atlantis and Da’Arias have disappeared in abyss of Arctic Ocean, but have remained on a surface of the ground. At realization of scale and deep excavation it is possible to find out ancient artifacts of our ancestors. Survived people from Atlantis and Da’Arias have been compelled to move on "East" (nowadays the West) - to Asia Minor, Africa and India. Not-Beards people with a yellow leather through Pacific ocean have got to far America laying on "call" of the Sun.

In Africa, in "East" (nowadays the West) from Altai, there was the Egyptian civilization which has constructed tetrahedral pyramids:

7 (71). People with a leather of color of the Gloom will esteem
Descendants of the Sort Heavenly for Gods...
Also will study at them in many sciences.
People from Great Race
Will construct new Cities and Kapishes,
Also will learn people with a leather of color of the Gloom
To raise cereals and vegetables...
Four Sorts of Race Great replacing each other
Will train in Ancient Wisdom of new Priests...
And to build Trirana-tombs
As Mountains man-made, tetrahedral...

Peoples of Atlantis and Da’Arias were settled after a flood of 1250 DC on all grounds of Eurasia and Africa:

9 (73). Races much of Sorts Great
Will go away on all edges of the Midgard-ground,
Behind mountains Ripejskij,
Also will put new Cities and Kapishes
Also will keep Belief First Ancestors,
And secret Vedas data Tarh Dajd god...
And other Light Gods...
Many Clans from Race Great and Sorts Heavenly
There will be mouths infinite herds of animals,
And passing from edge in edge,
Will become related with other Sorts from the Sort Heavenly...

Then God - Father Perun has told to people about their near future which happens in me a millennium of our era. It has told about the Semitic people, becoming social parasite, and decided to grasp world authority.
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Default Re: Book of Wisdom Perun

13 (77). Lie and flattery in just
They will grasp many edges of the Midgard-ground
As they already acted on other Grounds,
In many Worlds in days of last Great As’es,
But they will be defeated,
Also are banished in the country of Mountains Man-made,
Where people with a leather of color of the Gloom will live
And descendants of the Sort Heavenly
Come from the ground of God Nij.
And children Human will start to learn to work them
That they could raise cereals
And vegetables for a feed of children...

14 (78). But absence of desire to work
Will unit Strangers,
Also it is left they the country of Mountains Man-made,
Also will be settled on all edges of the Midgard-ground.
Also they will create belief,
Also will declare itself sons of the God Uniform,
Also begin the blood and children
To sacrifice to the god,
That there was a blood union
Between them and the god of them...

15 (79). Light Gods to them also begin to send
Wanderers Multi wise
For they neither have no Spirit, nor Conscience.
And Strangers begin to listen to the Wise Word of them
And having listened, will bring a life of Wanderers
In a victim to the god...
Also they will create Gold Taurus
As a symbol of power
Also will worship it,
that as well as to the god...

16 (80). To them Gods also will send... The Great Wanderer,
Love bearing, but priests of Gold Taurus
Will give his death martyr.
And on death of it, will declare the GOD of it...
Also will create Belief new, constructed
On lie, blood and oppression...
Also will declare all peoples lowest and guilty
Also will call before a face them the created God
To repent, and to be sorry for acts
come to pass and not accomplished...

The described events corresponds IV-XI to centuries of our era when in IV century Pharaoh Tuthmos III occupies the Volga region and Ancient Rome. In 355 his son Pharaoh Amenhotep will grasp 100,000 captives and will allocate them to Egypt, in 379 during the Outcome from Rome under management Moses-Arbat-Flavius Theodosius in Crimea Jews will build the Gold Taurus, and in April, 1010 in Constantinople there will be crucifixion by Jews God Jesus Christ Zlatoust. However Jesus Zlatoust prince of Russia and the Great Wanderer - Viking which will pass the legs across Eurasia, Japan, America, Australia and New Zealand, Southeast Asia, will create worldwide modern religions - it actually for 74 years of the life will bypass and will fly about all Earth set of times.

It agrees Vedas the script of a Flood of 1250 BC again it will be repeated in 2010-2012. All will take place with accuracy on the contrary - the Earth will borrow former position in space when North Pole will be in Antarctica and will be directed to North Star is Tara. Mirror reflection of the past is fixed in Santee 5, paragraphs - 5 (69), 6 (70), resulted by us is higher. However except for a Flood of earthmen the new misfortunes connected to flashes on the Sun, Santee 6 wait:

2 (82). The God Multi wise spoke, words are those:
Know people, that heavy times...
Will bring a stream of the River of Time
On the Sacred ground of Race Great...
Also will stay on the ground this
Only Priests - keepers of Ancient Knowledge
And Wisdom Secret...
... For people use
Force of elements of the Midgard-ground
Also will destroy the Small Moon
And the World fine...
Also will turn then Svarog the Circle
And frighten human Souls...

3 (83). Great Night will shroud the Midgard-ground...
And Fire Heavenly
Will destroy many edges of the ground...
There where fine gardens blossomed
Great Deserts will reach...
Instead of a life give birth a land
The seas will rustle
And there where waves of the seas lapped
High mountains will appear
Covered with eternal snows...

4 (84). People begin to be hidden from rains poisoned
Death bearing, in caves,
And to eat will start flesh of animals,
For fruits wood will be filled with poisons
And many people will die,
Having tried them in I peep...
The poisoned streams of water will bring many death
To children of Race Great
And to descendants of the Sort Heavenly
And sufferings to people will be brought with thirst...

The small Moon in Vedas are satellites of the Earth and orbital space station. As a result of a turn of the Earth in space and EMI (an electromagnetic impulse) all satellites will fall to the Earth. A new Flood covered a planet and World Ocean radioactive, chemical both oil waste products and products. Flashes on the Sun - Fire Heavenly, can aggravate and without that a sad condition of the nature of a planet.

Our epoch is described in Vedas in detail. The Jews-Masonic civilization begins to use a feat of Russian Prince Jesus Christ Zlatoust in the name of rescue of all mankind from a fall of man in the interests. Lie and a deceit they will grasp world authority. Because of trustfulness and naiveties of Russian people and all mankind, group of anonymous authority occupy many countries and continents. Christianity not guilty that swindlers are turned from legs on a head the doctrine Jesus Christ's Sirs. Is Santee 6:

7 (87). The set of Circles of the Life will pass
The Midgard-ground on Way of Svarog...
Children Human again will construct Cities and Temples
To those Gods that remember...
Life just and happy
Will return on the grounds Great Rassenia...
But priests Foreign...
From temples of Gold Tours
... And priests of the Killed Wanderer
Will want to destroy their world and rest
For priests this, live fruits of another's work...

8 (88). Priests Foreign also will come
In the grounds of Race Great
Under a kind of dealers and storytellers,
And false legends will be brought by them,
Also begin to learn lives in just
People of Race Great,
Not knowing it is Angrily and the Deceit...
And many people will be seduced
Having got in a network of Flattery and the Deceit
Also will exchange World Pravi for nine defects:
profligates, lie, vanity, in spirituality,
Default of the debt, ignorance,
Indecision, laziness and gluttony...

9 (89). Many people also will renounce
From Sacred Belief of the Ancestors
And to heed will start to words of Foreign priests
this essence lie in just
Forcing down Children Human
From a way of Forces of Light...
Times of blood and fratricide
Foreign priests will bring
On open spaces of the grounds of Sorts of Race Great
And to pay will begin people in the Belief...

10 (90). People of Race will ask
About the help of Foreign priests
Employees to Another's gods
And to the God of the World of Darkness...
And priests of the Killed Wanderer
With false diligence will start to console them
Also will take hold of Souls of them
And riches of Children Human...
Also will declare people of Race Great slaves to the God
this also have killed...
And to speak them begin
That the suffering the blessing is
For suffering the God will behold...

World elite of Hominids a Jews-Masonic civilization will transform the Earth and Sacred Russia into a den of sins. Is Santee 6:

11 (91). On seven Circles of the Life the Darkness will shroud
The grounds of Sorts of Race Great...
Many people will be lost from metal and fire...
Heavy come times
For peoples of the Midgard-ground
The brother arise on the brother
The son on the father
Blood will flow as the river...
Mothers will kill
Not given birth children...
Famine and Spiritual emptiness
to befog heads of many people from Race Great
Also they will lose Belief in validity...

Continuous world and civil wars, abortions and sin begin to correct ball on the Earth that already happened on our planet. Wars from century to century will accept more and more monstrous and destructive character, including application of the nuclear weapon. Is Santee 6:

15 (95). Forces of Darkness will apply all forces
That Sacred Fire was never lit
Before Images and Kummirs Gods
And Sacred Wise your Ancestors...
Strangers will start to set
One people on another
Calling them to wars
That they killed each other
For possession properties terrestrial...
But properties this, on the termination of wars
Always will get to Strangers...

16 (96). Millions lives will carry away without sense wars
To please desires of Strangers
For than will be wars more...
And death between Children Human,
The there is more than riches
Will find people of the World of Darkness
Also will seize influence above minds
Many of Race Great...
Dark Forces for achievement of the purposes
Will apply even the Fash-destroyer
And Fiery Mushrooms death bearing
Will rise above the Midgard-ground...

Through one thousand years after a feat Jesus Christ's Sirs in 2010 time of changes and a revenge of forces of light and validity will come. According to Sacred John Bogoslov Revelation it will be work Fidelity and True. On Vedas Fidelity and True it is White Dog. Is Santee 6:

12 (92). But the God - creator Uniform will not admit
And the Sort Heavenly destructions of Race...
Revival of Race Great
And awakening of the Spirit - patron
sons Sorts Heavenly
Will bring White Dog
Sent by Gods
On the Sacred ground of Race Great...
The Sacred ground will be cleared
From a thousand-year slavish yoke Foreign enemies
this sacrifice
Blood and flesh of children
Both lie and flattery in just
Poison Souls of children of the Sort Heavenly...

Fidelity and True is White Dog there is a representative of a sort of tsar of tsars of Russ. He is Grand Prince of All Russ, where All Russ it not simply Slav-Arias, but all sorts which have been given birth from Great Race - Russ. All Russ it both dynasty of Monomaches-Rurikovich, and Vikings, and Hashemite with Seeds, and Chingiz Khan’s, and Incas, and is representatives of Turkic, Japanese, Chinese and Indian sorts of Great Russ. Everywhere in the world descendants of Princes of All Russ are scattered.

Other sections « Slav-Arias Vedas, Santee Vedas of Perun, the Circle the First » the future events concern to the far future. Our God - Father Perun, son of Svarog and the Lada-God Mother, the grandson Sirs of God Lord of the Kuba–Ra, has told to people, that it spoke about an interval of time on extent Svarog of the Circle and Ninety Nine Circles of the Life. Svarog the Circle makes the period is 25920 years, and Ninety Nine Circles of the Life is 14256 years. The general time period is equal 40176 years.

Reference point is 7518 years ago when the world in a star temple has been established. The future is determined for 32658 years. Attempts to present business so what exactly now comes to an end a circle of 40176 years of a history of Slav-Arias - are ridiculous. To mankind of all hardly is more than 5500 years. Attempts to give out desirable for valid - are very dangerous and will lead to catastrophic consequences. People are in a stage of development of children of teenage age. We should live justly and to study more, and to not create to myself problems because of erroneous ideas of some commentators of Vedas.


Atlantis and Da'Arias - the Medieval map of the Caspian pool in an antiquity up to a Flood of 1250 BC.
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Default Re: Book of Wisdom Perun

WOW! All mythos of all time is pulled together here.....Arabic,Abrahamic,Greek,Celtic/Norse/Germanic & countless others.

Like the (formerly) lost Tribe who wrote it just travelled about from time to time for the usual reasons(for want,lack of opportunity or persecution). mine own leaving Scythia via Tyrreah,travelling on past the Pillars of Hercules(Gibralta).

Woww 144 layers of lightbody get's mentioned too.Nice crystal projection.
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