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Default Dianae (Diana) Coins

While Diana is not one I am bound to or honor (though that may change if this keeps up) one can not research Artemis and not discover things about Diana. Lets face it thier mythology is pretty well interlaced and bound together which makes it difficult to seperate them at times.

When dealing with coins of ancient Rome and the Roman empire it is diffiuclt at times to seperate an Artemis coin from a Diana coin. One common motif is the "Advancing" Artemis / Diana engraving that is frequently depicted on many coins. In this motif Artemis / Diana is shown as an advancing figure with strung bow and a hound near her feet. A very common depiction with a few slight variations but for the most part easily recognizable.




Many times the only way to really say which "Advancing" goddess is being portrayed is by the minting date and area of the coin in question.

Now this is not to say these are the only type of coins which show depictions of Diana. No, that would be far from the truth for there are a large number of variations of Roman coins which depict Diana. Examples of some of those variations are:

Diana Lucifera : http://www.forumancientcoins.com/boa...?topic=60709.0

Yet while those type depict Diana as being visible upon the coin surface there are some that are basically Diana's coins but she never appears upon them. On these type of "Zoo" coins she is more implied due to her position as Huntress. I have come across of number of these coins that are identified as DIANAE then followed by the name of the animal being depicted ie STAG, DOE, etc.


So when you find yourself drawn to things that seem to show an animal alone you may just find its Diana calling to you. If it's an ancient Roman era coin all you might get is just a DIANAE coin that pops up and you have to go looking to discover its connection to a goddess.

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